Weird Nature 12 Insane, Nightmare Creatures You Never Want To Encounter In India  

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India is one of the most diverse countries on the planet. Home to 1.3 billion people, it is also the natural habitat of thousands of different species. In fact, you may be surprised to learn just how many scary animals are from India. With miles of dense jungles, expansive rivers, and huge areas of untouched terrains, India's the perfect host for animals that range from cute and cuddly to totally deadly.

The dangerous creatures from India should be avoided at all costs. They not only look fearsome but are capable of causing a huge amount of pain for anyone unfortunate enough to cross their paths. In many cases, these animals kill to protect themselves so if you do encounter them in the wild, don't provoke them.

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Despite being known for living in locations such as China and Japan, the Asian giant hornet can also be found throughout most of India. It makes its home in the jungles and forests of the country and has developed a reputation for ferocity thanks to its ability to wipe out entire colonies of bees or other insects in minutes. While they tend to avoid human contact, they are still treacherous. Anyone who has been stung with their toxic venom can die if treatment isn't administered. The poison is corrosive enough to melt human flesh.

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The Indian Red Scorpion Is One Of The Most Deadly In The World

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Found throughout India as well as Nepal, Pakistan, and other surrounding areas, the Indian red scorpion is a deadly creature that is one of the most dangerous in the world. Even though it is a relatively tiny member of the scorpion family, at just an inch long, it contains a hugely potent toxin. If it stings a person, a huge range of symptoms can occur. It causes severe pain, convulsions, heart attacks, breathlessness, and extreme vomiting. The red scorpion's sting can be fatal if not treated immediately and studies suggest that up to 40% of those who are stung will die as a result.

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The common krait is one of the four deadliest snakes in India and it's responsible for many human attacks. The krait is usually only problematic at night when it hunts or when it is startled. The snake has powerful venom but a relatively painless bite, meaning that those who are attacked won't often seek immediate medical attention. This can prove to be a fatal mistake as the snake is capable of killing an adult in just a few hours. The neurotoxins paralyze muscles and can lead to suffocation as the abdomen cramps and the lungs shut down.

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Stray Dogs Kill Thousands

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The authorities in India revealed in 2016 that the feral dogs throughout the country have killed more people than all of the major terrorist incidents over the last two decades. According to officials, this has become a major problem because the number of stray dogs in India has grown to more than 30 million. Rabies have also become a deadly problem and people are being infected with the disease and dying due to a lack of immediate treatment. The stray dogs also pose threats to young children who can be overpowered by groups of canines. 

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