Employers Share Stories Of The Creepiest Discoveries They Ever Found During In A Background Check

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Over on Reddit, employers, HR reps, and small-business owners are sharing the stories of horrible discoveries they found thanks to a background check. From people hiding their criminal past to folks who just don't understand the term "TMI" when it comes to social media, here are a few examples of background checks gone awry.

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    Just 'A Couple' DUIs

    From Redditor u/DasGoat:

    We had a guy interview a couple months ago who claimed he had a couple DUIs in the past. Job doesn't require driving, so not a deal breaker, and they schedule him for a drug screen and physical. Then his background check came back.

    He didn't have a couple DUIs. He had 13, along with numerous convictions for theft, assault, domestic violence, drugs, etc. totaling 65 pages.

    He was promptly called and had the job offer rescinded.

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    FYI: Drug Tests May Also Include Alcohol Screenings

    From Redditor u/Rafi89:

    Did you know that when you get drug tested they also test for alcohol? I didn't know that, but someone we were about to hire was drunk when they peed for their drug test.

    My boss interviewed this person, then had them come back for a follow-up interview, and I interviewed them as well (mostly discussing video games). Then, from what I understand, a day or two later my boss called and offered them the job starting the following Monday, but they needed to take a drug test before they started, so they needed to call and make an appointment for sometime over the next couple of days.

    Monday came, and I was like, "So... is New Person starting today?"
    Boss was like, "Uh, no. They failed their drug test."
    "For what?"
    "They test for that?!?"
    "Yep. Apparently New Person was above the legal limit for alcohol."
    "At, like, 10 am on a Thursday?"
    "At a test that they scheduled the time for?"

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    Not The Type Of Teacher Needed

    From Redditor u/Steeleclem:

    Had a guy apply for a teaching position. Called his previous employer, and the way they spoke of him raised an alarm. Googled his name and school district and found out he lost his job for sex with students. I'm not sure why he wasn't in jail or still had his license.

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    Always Check Your References

    From Redditor u/dixiejwo:

    I had a reference once tell me that they let the guy go for stalking his ex-wife from the company phones. That was his reference.

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    When An Employer Says 'No Felons,' They Tend To Mean It

    From Redditor u/berthejew:

    "Illegal discharge of a firearm from a moving vehicle causing great bodily harm"

    My boss interviewed him to maybe find out if it was an accident. Nope. Shot his brother in a heated argument after a drive-by they did together. Said brother is now a quad.

    It's for a bail bondsman agency, too.


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    When An Applicant's Significant Other Is The Issue

    From Redditor u/TerlinguaRancher:

    I was preparing for an interview, and I routinely Google [applicants'] names to see what comes up. In the past I've been pleasantly surprised to find industry-related accolades that the applicant was too humble to list on their resume... but this time I came up with a long string of blog posts.

    I got sucked into the rabbit hole at that point, and the next two hours were spent reading all of these blog entries about his wife, who was involved in widespread internet trolling and bullying. There were websites dedicated to how horrible this woman was - people invested in domain names related to the message and paid for hosting just to call her out.

    So I was left with quite the dilemma. As a result of her bullying, her victims and opponents had dedicated quite a bit of time to doxxing her, and as a result, her husband and his employer. I figured I would hold on to this information and only inform my boss if we all felt he was a solid candidate that we would hire.

    The guy came in for the interview, and while I was asking him questions, the whole time I was thinking about his insane wife but not saying a word. He somehow worked into the conversation that he had recently divorced, which at the moment further complicated the issue in my mind. When we met as a team after the interviews to discuss how he performed, my boss said he wasn't impressed with his responses to the technical questions and didn't seem like a good fit for the team, which was a huge relief to me.

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