This Woman Makes Baked Goods You Simultaneously Want To Devour And Scream At

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Vote up the most spookily delicious-looking treats.

Scary pastries from Christine McConnell are some of the most delectably terrifying things to hit Instagram since anime pancake art. This creepily talented baker makes mouth-watering treats like cakes and cookies. That would be swoon-worthy enough, but what makes these desserts truly special is that they are some of the creepiest pastries of all time.

Many of these baked goods inspired by horror movies take their inspiration from sci-fi horror films like Alien, while others focus on more traditionally spooky imagery, like jack-o-laterns, eyeballs, and Frankenstein. There's even a bloody milkshake that's perfect for your inner vampire. Try not to drool too much as you check out these deliciously scary pastries from the amazing Christine McConnell, and vote up the ones that make your skin crawl... in a good way.