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Bird Facts That Are Straight Up Terrifying

Updated 18 May 2020 10.3k votes 1.9k voters 123.6k views18 items

List RulesVote up the terrifying facts about birds that will give you nightmares tonight.

If you've ever seen Hitchcock's classic film The Birds, you know that birds can be absolutely terrifying. There are some horrific birds that are just frightening by nature, and there are some scary bird characteristics that apply to multiple species. There are birds that kill people, birds that drink blood, and even birds that projectile vomit stomach acid when threatened. Some of them are quite dangerous. The shoebill, for example, decapitates its prey, and the cassowary is an actual threat to humans. If you're one of those folks who hates birds, your fear may actually be somewhat justified.

But that's not to say that these facts are things that will make you hate birds; some of their characteristics are actually quite cool. There are adaptations that keep birds alive in inhospitable environments as well as behavioral quirks that make birds quite humorous. 

So, whether you're looking for facts about birds that are scary, or just downright terrifying species of birds, you've come to the right place. Vote up the facts about birds that are disturbing or just plain terrifying: it's no wonder Hitchcock picked birds as the creep-inducing creature for his horror film.

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