60+ of Your Greatest Childhood Fears 

Brian Gilmore
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You remember them (even if you don't want to): the scariest characters and images from your childhood. These sometimes unassuming bastards haunted your dreams and thoughts within minutes of being introduced to them. Remember the witch from Sleeping Beauty? How could you not?! Those warts had an agenda all of their own and it was to scare the living piss out of you every time you thought about them.

If you've ever blocked some frightening image from your conscious or subconscious because you just couldn't bear the thought of it coming back to haunt your dreams for yet another night, ready the plastic bedsheets because this list of scary memories from your childhood is bringing all the best of the worst characters right back at you (with pictures!). From a seemingly innocuous toilet that grows fangs whenever you try to take a leak to Pennywise the Clown, a character that single-handedly killed the careers of hundreds of birthday clowns in the 1990s.

These scary childhood horrors include some of the creepiest characters on TV and the scariest memes on the internet, all of which are guaranteed to make even the manliest man weep like a little girl at some point. Carry on if you dare, but an extra pair of chonies is a recommended companion to this list of creepy characters from your childhood.
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