12 Ridiculously Scary Christmas Movies to Watch During the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful, joyous time of the year! So break out all your terrifying, scary Christmas movies. Sure, during the festive holiday season, you typically gather your family before the old mind control box to watch jolly movies that make you feel grateful, happy, and warm inside. But just in case you want to switch things up, check out the best Christmas horror films ever made.

Most of the dark holiday movies on this list feature a combination of horror and comedy. There's a fair number of straight-up Christmas slasher films that put a knife in Santa’s hands, but a lot of these flicks effectively blend black comedy and horror, helping audiences laugh and scream at the same time. In addition to such "ho, ho, ho"-inducing slaughterfests, you may be surprised to find one very traditional holiday classic on this list that doesn’t feature a drop of blood, but is sure to cause a whole heap of existential terror.

So put the children to bed, and remember: the family that slays together stays together. Don’t see your favorite Christmas horror movie on the list? Add it in the comments section below.


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    Black Christmas
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    A slayer is on the loose over Christmas break, placing terrifying phone calls to sorority girls in 1974 classic slasher film Black Christmas. The scariest part is, the CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!

    Even the film's conclusion is terrifying; after several red herrings, the filmmakers leave the spectator wondering who's responsible. No one is safe.

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    Horror/fantasy/comedy genre bender Krampus is based on a German folktale. In the ancient story, Krampus is a demon/devil creature that comes around at Christmas to punish kids who have been naughty by smacking them with branches. In the 2015 movie, the demonic, horned spirit of Krampus is unleashed in America on Christmas Eve, when a young boy loses his Christmas spirit due in large part to his feuding family.

    If you ever stopped believing in the spirit of Santa Claus, seeing this movie may scare you into being festive.

  • Silent Night, Deadly Night
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    Five-year-old Billy is placed in an orphanage after witnessing the offing of his parents at the hands of someone in a Santa suit in the beginning of Silent Night, Deadly Night. When Billy is released into the world at the age of 18, he gets a job at a toy store, where he's asked to dress as Santa for Christmas. Reliving past horrors as he has a dangerous encounter in the present sends Billy on a rampage in this controversial, classic slasher film that spawned four sequels and one remake.

  • Silent Night, Bloody Night is a largely forgotten proto-slasher film that helped to define the genre. It features all the classic horror motifs: a mysterious demise, a mansion-turned-mental asylum, a serial slayer on the loose, and a revenge plot.

    An obscure horror film bordering on art house classic, Silent Night, Bloody Night offers an intriguing narrative with plenty of disturbing twists and turns.