Graveyard Shift Creepy Clown Delivers Donuts To People And You Can See Their Reactions  

Mick Jacobs

Donut delivery sounds like a dream come true, until your half-dozen glazed shows up carried by a creepy clown. As part of a fall promotion, Hurts Donuts sent out a delivery person dressed as a freaky clown to dole out people's donuts, and some of the best reactions appear in a video below.

So freaky clowns with razor sharp teeth and wild, red, troll hair just started showing up at offices, construction sites, and unfortunately, people's homes, with their order of chocolate-and-strawberry-frosted donuts.

The juxtaposition of a scrumptious box of donuts being carried by some bootleg Pennywise inspires some very conflicted reactions. As much as most people hate clowns, they typically love donuts, and even a juggalo can't get in the way of that love.

To fully see this battle of fear and desire play out on a person's face, watch the video below. The next time someone orders you donuts, don't be alarmed if the clown from Poltergeist shows up with your order. It's just business.