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Cruise Ship Employees Reveal The Scariest Things That Ever Happened To Them At Sea

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Out of all the places to spend your vacation, you could do worse than a cruise ship. For many vacationers, cruises are the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation - with endless music, food, and entertainment, how could you go wrong? These stories from cruise ship employees may be able to answer that question.

While cruises are usually very safe, sometimes things go pear-shaped. Any number of mishaps could turn a fun-loving sea voyage into a nightmare, and these scary cruise ship stories can prove it.

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    Two Passengers Fell Overboard In The Middle Of The Night

    From Redditor /u/DaniSeeh:

    ...A man and woman who were cheating on their wife and husband, respectively, got super drunk and fell over the edge of their balcony. From really high up. It was at night, too.

    The whole cruise ship stopped once it was reported, and it took an entire day to search for them. Apparently, the man had his jeans or something because he had inflated them somehow, and they were floating holding them.

    They reported that they were stung by multiple jellyfish and were super cold the whole time. That must have been the scariest, most terrible 18 hours of their lives.

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    A Deceased Passenger Was In The Hot Tub For Hours

    From Redditor /u/Wolfgang7990:

    I was a passenger and was shooting the sh*t with one of the crew members late at night. He told me that on an earlier cruise, someone had died in a hot tub the first night out of port, and people didn’t know for hours. He managed to stay propped up, and his sunglasses helped hide it.

    Several passengers entered the hot tub during the time and assumed he was antisocial for whatever reason. The crew discovered him when they were closing the pool area for the night. They moved the body downstairs to the morgue. None of the passengers except the guy’s family found out about it.

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    The Ship Was Stuck On Top Of An Old WWII Mine

    From Redditor /u/CrashTestAstronaut:

    I have plenty of of "Oh sh*t" moments, but I'll give you my biggest [one]... so we were stuck in the [docks] of Amsterdam for over four hours [with] no indication of what's going on. After a few hours had passed, the captain came on the PA system, and the reason we didn't leave was because there was a live mine from WWII 1km from the front of the ship.

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    The Ship Started Taking On Water

    From Redditor /u/redicrob2155:

    Used to work on cruise ships. Generally, we leave ports of call around 4 or 5 [pm], never really staying later than that due to port regulations.

    One night, we had a surprise late-night at a port. All the passengers and most of the crew had a wonderful time. It was a Port of Call with a very active night life.

    I was part of the last groups coming back to the ship and noticed a few men in scuba suits entering and leaving the water. Large machinery and the water off the stern of the ship sporadically lighting up. Almost like someone was welding underwater.

    A few days later, I was in the mess hall and heard that the ship underwent heavy maintenance to repair an area taking on water.

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