11 Pictures That Some Claim Contain Demons

Out of the entire weird, wild world of paranormal creatures, little gets as frightening as a demonic entity. It’s hard to pin down exactly what a demon is, let alone what a demon looks like, and this nebulous nature is what makes them so terrifying. They embody literally anything and anywhere and there’s nothing you can do about it. And like ghosts, finding proof of demons can be challenging. But photos of real demons on this list were captured by real people, during normal moments in their lives made paranormal by something from beyond.

If there’s one take away from these real photos of demons it’s that no two demonic entities are the same. Some appear to people in the guise of a fire, while others pop up on a trail cam, but no matter where the demons appear they’re absolutely terrifying. These unsettling photos will make you think twice about going out after dark, spending time with children, or even having dinner with your parents – because demons are everywhere. Remember, keep your camera battery charged at all times; you never know when you’re going to run into something spooky.