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Spooky Stories From Denali, AK

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Alaska is a vast land of natural beauty - its national parks attract thousands of visitors every year. But prospectors and travelers alike should be wary of scary stories from Denali National Park - formerly Mount McKinley National Park - a protected expanse of nearly 6 million acres and home of North America's tallest peak.

Some of these Alaska ghost stories originated during the Alaska gold rush in the late 1800s, but over the years people have reported a range of paranormal activity, hauntings, and other strange and inexplicable phenomena throughout Alaska's wild lands.

Spooky national park stories are the perfect yarns to weave around a fire beneath the northern lights. Pull up a camp stool and snuggle in closer under that blanket - Denali National Park has some of the eeriest tales ever told, and most of them are rooted in truth.

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