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Unspeakable Times
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The Beast of Jersey Was One Of The Most Horrifying Serial Rapists And Murderers Ever

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In the 1960s, the island of Jersey located in the English Channel was a terrifying place for women and children. A real-life boogeyman was hunting them: he was prowling neighborhood streets and waiting for them to be alone and vulnerable. This mystery monster was assailing people in brutal and violent ways. Dubbed "The Beast of Jersey," his ghastly offenses haunted an entire community. 

It wasn't until July 1971 that anyone would uncover the identity of the masked culprit responsible for terrorizing Channel Island. Even after Edward Paisnel was unmasked and apprehended, the extent of his actions would remain unknown until after his passing. The shocking details of this notorious perp's offenses against women and children have been compared to some of the most terrifying serial killers in history.  

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