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15 Scary Facts About Famous Tourist Attractions

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While tourist destinations like abandoned jails and cemeteries seem ripe for scary encounters with the supernatural, there are also countless unassuming tourist attractions that hold dark secrets. From ancient monuments to modern bridges, some of the most iconic places in the world have chilling stories attached to them that often go untold.

Can people still be cursed by visiting the pyramids? Do elves really visit a palace in Spain once every hundred years? Below we'll look at scary facts about popular tourist attractions, and you can be the judge of which one is the creepiest.

  • In 1993, Robert Spangler pushed his wife Donna off the side of the Grand Canyon, but police ruled her end accidental.

    Years later, after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer, Spangler confessed not only to Donna's murder, but to eliminating his first wife and their two children in 1978.

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  • The serene Aokigahara forest sits at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, and while beautiful, it's the site of countless deaths.

    Thought to be a place where the sick and elderly came to die centuries ago, the forest has become a destination for people to end their lives, earning it the unsettling moniker of "Suicide Forest" in popular culture.

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    Leap Castle Has A Secret Dungeon Filled With Skeletons

    Leap Castle in Ireland is known for its bloody past, and perhaps the most disturbing feature is a room off of the "Bloody Chapel" known as the oubliette.

    This room was a dungeon of sorts, and three cartloads of human skeletons were removed from the oubliette when it was finally cleaned out after a century.

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    A Man's Ghost Haunts The Site Of His Gruesome Death Aboard The 'Queen Mary'

    Hatch Door No. 13, lying deep within the hull of the Queen Mary, is said to be haunted by a young man who was crushed in the watertight door in 1966.

    Staff have seen a man in blue overalls out of the corner of their eye near the door. They have also heard running and whistling near Hatch Door No. 13, and even had greasy fingerprints appear on their faces out of nowhere.

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