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13 Disturbing Spider Facts That Will Make You Even More Scared Of Them

Admit it, even if you’re not deathly afraid of spiders, the little monsters still send a shiver of respect down your spine whenever one happens to cross your path. Everyone can recite a few scary spider facts, and for good reason: these little natural marvels are abundant, diverse, and occasionally, very deadly. They look like nightmares made real too.

Of course, spiders are also amazing. Their silk is stronger than steel, they help reign in the insect population, and they’re found on every single continent (except Antarctica) in the world.

Spiders have adapted so many different skills and traits across the entire breadth of their evolution that they are WAY more horrifying than you could ever possibly comprehend. But hey, that’s what lists like this are for, to let you know exactly how scary spiders really are.