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15 Stories About Faeries That Prove They're More Creepy Than Cute

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When you think "fairies," what comes to mind? You probably picture an adorable and sparkly creature akin to Disney's Tinker Bell, a lovely - and above all, friendly - presence. You may even want to make contact with them. Unfortunately, glittering humanoids with butterfly wings are the stuff of children's stories. Retrace faerie folklore, and you'll discover their secret scary origins.

Cultures all over the world put their own disturbing spin on the fay. In Wales, faerie folk take away babies and leave their own twisted offspring in their place. Scottish Kelpies, meanwhile, are known for their taste for human flesh. As for Icelandic Huldufolk and Filipino Berberoka, you'll have to keep reading to discover just what makes them so chilling.

Just because they're mythological doesn't mean that faeries are any less frightening. Here are a few of their darkest attributes - just remember to shut your windows tight before going to sleep tonight.

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    They're Babies Back From The Grave

    Utburds are faeries that are believed to be the revived spirits of babies who passed during harsh winters. They tend to haunt anyone who hangs around the sites of their demise - misery is their mission.

    Utburds are even known to transform into large and terrifying owls that prey on night travelers.

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    They Claw You To Pieces

    Photo: Alice B. Preston / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Typically illustrated as haggard and old, Red Caps are said to be armed with razor sharp teeth and claws, which they use to eat humans and faeries alike.

    Their name hints at their vicious nature - Red Caps mop up their target's blood with their cap after they commit a slaying.

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    They Slay Children

    Photo: Henry Justice Ford / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Bean-Fionn faeries are also known as "drowning faeries." They're said to pull children to their underwater doom. If you're searching for a Bean-Fionn fairy, you're advised to look around dark waters where drownings have occurred.

    These creatures were likely devised by parents looking to keep their kids from playing in the water, but that doesn't make them any less creepy.

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    Their Screams Mean Doom

    Photo: W.H. Brooke / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    The Banshee , also known as "woman faery," originated in Ireland and is said to be most active at night before a passing. In some folklore, she even comes to the door of those who are expected to pass. She looks like a full-sized human female, and though her appearance varies by region, her hair is always stringy and she always wears a white gown or shroud. She frequently appears covered in moss as well.

    The Banshee is recognized by her loud, mourning wails, which are said to be a harbinger of someone's demise.

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