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Creepy YouTube Videos You Know Are Fake But Scare The Hell Out Of You Anyway

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Is there a better part of YouTube than scary video YouTube? It doesn’t matter what kind of horror you enjoy, there are plenty of scary YouTube videos that are certain to appeal just to you. Admittedly, most of the creepy YouTube videos that you find are complete fiction, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not fun, and that’s what counts.

It’s best to put these fake but scary videos into the context of explicitly fictional scary short films that you can find on YouTube, but with a much smaller budget and with far less stakes. If you’re not freaked out by the first few scary fake YouTube videos, there’s always 20 more coming down the pipeline, and they’re all worth a watch.

If you can’t get enough of the scary YouTube videos on this list then you would definitely enjoy some of the more disturbing YouTube videos out there, and you’ll enjoy going down the rabbit hole of the creepy lost videos that you’ll never see. Whether you prefer spooky witches, hungry ghosts, or clowns that pop up in the darndest places, you’ll jump, you’ll scream, and you’ll definitely realize that every single one of the scary videos that you’re watching is complete fiction. Turn off the lights, turn up your speakers, and keep a pillow handy just in case you need to cover your eyes. It’s about to get very fake, and very scary up in here.

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    Never Go To The Country

    Video: YouTube

    This video is definitely fake, but there's something about the way that witch moves while the driver screams unintelligibly that's deeply unsettling. 

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    Hands Coming Out Of The Wall

    Video: YouTube

    What is it about limbs protruding from places whence they should not protrude that's so unsettling? No duh, this isn't real, but that doesn't make the pile of hands at the end of the video any less frightening.

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    There's A Girl In The Corner

    Video: YouTube

    The lo-fi nature of this video makes it so much more spooky than it would be if it were perfectly executed, and who hasn't been scared by a random creature suddenly moving closer to you, paranormal or otherwise?

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    That's One Creepy Girl Ghost

    Video: YouTube

    This may not be a real haunting, but kudos to this friend group for getting together and having fun on the weekend. That shot of the ghost at the top of the stairs is going to stick with you. 

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