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Deep-Sea Fishermen Describe The Eeriest Sights They Ever Witnessed On The Open Ocean  

Michael Gibson
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Space may be the final frontier, but plenty of unexplained phenomena still take place right here on planet Earth. As long as humans have sailed the Seven Seas, people have reported strange sights and curious sounds from within their endless waves. Some phenomena have perfectly reasonable explanations; others remain mysterious, and the basis for nautical mythology.

One curious Redditor asked deep sea fishermen to describe the strangest things they've encountered in their voyages. Several fishermen responded, as did people who happened to be in the right spooky place at the perfect spooky time.

These are the eeriest sights and oddest sounds reported from people sailing the open ocean.

Something Big Enough To Drag Their Boat

From Redditor /u/Asunder_:

My dad and I were fishing off the Florida Keys. We had our anchor out and had been fishing for about an hour. Fifteen minutes later, the boat got bumped and we rocked a little bit. My dad joked, saying, "Looks like Jaws is after us. Better stay away from the edges." Ten seconds after he said that, the boat began moving backward.

We were being towed by our anchor line that was in the water. Whatever had it was now dragging the boat backward slowly, getting faster, and our boat was getting pulled under, too. Next thing I heard was, "No f*cking way," as my dad dropped his pole and ran from the front to the back to grab a knife and cut the anchor line.

After that we decided fishing was not in the cards that day.

An Expired Elephant

From Redditor /u/howtocookawolf:

I do quite a bit of saltwater fishing, and any time I'm on a chartered boat, I ALWAYS ask this question to the captain.

On a blackfin tuna trip out of Key West three years ago, I asked the question, and without thinking - or blinking really - the captain said, "A [deceased] elephant in the middle of the ocean."

I'll never forget that. Same captain also told me that while tied behind a shrimp boat not far offshore, his client pulled up a large grouper with a human knee joint (and muscle/flesh) inside its mouth. They went back to shore and contacted the appropriate authorities to let them know a shrimper had possibly dismembered someone and tossed them into the ocean. Weird stuff.

Unearthly Noises From The Deep

From Redditor /u/leodragon39:

I had a friend who would go deep sea fishing and stay out at sea for days at a time. He told me that, at times, he would hear some of the most bizarre, unearthly noises ever out there at night - and assured me there must be things out there we have no idea of.

Considering we apparently know more about what's on the moon than we know about what's in our own oceans, I'm inclined to agree with him.

A Horse-Headed Beast

From Redditor /u/DagothUr28:

My grandfather was mossing [gathering algae] on the east coast of Canada when he saw something with a horse-shaped head surface from the water, look at him, and disappear back to the depths.

I was a kid when he told me the story and I sort of forgot about it until I came across some information about a cryptid called the Cadborosaurus. From there, I discovered a news article covering the story of fishermen spotting a very similar thing half an hour from where my grandfather claims to have seen it.

I guess the Caddy has been spotted as far north as Alaska and as far south as California.