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Deep-Sea Fishermen Describe The Eeriest Sights They Ever Witnessed On The Open Ocean  

Michael Gibson
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Space may be the final frontier, but plenty of unexplained phenomena still take place right here on planet Earth. As long as humans have sailed the Seven Seas, people have reported strange sights and curious sounds from within their endless waves. Some phenomena have perfectly reasonable explanations; others remain mysterious, and the basis for nautical mythology.

One curious Redditor asked deep sea fishermen to describe the strangest things they've encountered in their voyages. Several fishermen responded, as did people who happened to be in the right spooky place at the perfect spooky time.

These are the eeriest sights and oddest sounds reported from people sailing the open ocean.

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Enormous Shark Bites Taken From Their Catch

From Redditor /u/thewaybaseballgo:

I do a lot of night fishing off of South Carolina and Florida. I get a lot of fish that are bitten in half by sharks. Some of them had to have been very, very large.

When you reel in a large sportfish's head like some kind of sequel to The Old Man and the Sea, and realize the shark is close to half the size of your boat miles and miles offshore, essentially in the middle of nowhere, you get more than a little freaked out.

Their Compass Spinning In Circles

From Redditor /u/nlderek:

While on a sailing cruise returning to Miami from the Bahamas, I was permitted to pilot the boat while the crew sat down for dinner. I was told to simply follow a certain heading on the compass.

As we were going along, I noticed the position of the sun was rapidly changing as I chased the heading on the compass. I returned to what I thought was the correct heading and watched in amazement as the compass began to spin in circles. We had been scuba diving, so several of us had compasses, and they were all exhibiting the same behavior.

The heading on the GPS was unaffected... After maybe 10 to 20 seconds, the spin slowed to a stop back on the correct heading. The crew logged the coordinates of the anomaly. The best guess we had was that we'd crossed over an old shipwreck, perhaps something hauling a large amount of some magnetic metal over to the Bahamas.

The Demise Of A Dolphin

From Redditor /u/jpsexton8245:

I was fishing in Florida's Gulf Coast for grouper that we were going to eat later that evening. So me and a few buds go out to this common wreck that sits on top of a preexisting reef. No luck, but this isn't a problem; we will just go out further and go for... mahi mahi.

So as we head out to this drop off, dolphins... start following us in our wake. Now this isn't uncommon whatsoever. I watch them blissfully while the rest of my friends are looking on the charts for where to start our drift. All of a sudden, the dolphins are gone. This sort of eerie feeling comes over me and one single smaller dolphin is in our wake. Then a massive column of water erupts from behind us.

I see a red cloud where the dolphin would have been... My instinct is to run to my friends and get a... line in the water! ... They can see the slightly diluted cloud of blood where the dolphin was. We get a line in the water and after five minutes it keels over and snaps. We get one with a wire lead in the water and nothing bites. Honestly, it was a mako or maybe a great white shark, but it was just the strangest thing that's ever happened while I was fishing.

Siren-Like Hallucinations

From Redditor /u/Aiku:

I had a friend who was stranded in a rowboat for a couple of days. He got pretty dehydrated, and later told us of these wild hallucinations of beautiful female water spirits encouraging him to join them in the water.

It was strange because he was one of those no-nonsense guys who didn't believe in the supernatural, but he said these things were so real to him.