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12 Super Terrifying Ghost Tales From Austin, Texas

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There's a weird thrill to hearing seriously spooky tales, like unsettling ghost stories about children. While there are a ton of creepy, scary stories about Texas, the ones that originate from Austin are some of the best the west of the Mississippi River has to offer. There is certainly no shortage of haunted bars, restaurants, and hotels for paranormal enthusiasts to visit in the area. In fact, one of the most haunted places in Austin is the Driskill Hotel, and booking a room on the fourth floor will all but ensure a ghostly encounter.

Austin has some terrifying tales, like the one about the shapeshifting witches who like to spend their nights feeding on the flesh of humans. Collected here are the scariest ghost stories that confirm it’s best to proceed with caution when exploring haunted Austin, especially at night. 

  • The Driskill Hotel Has Two Ghost Brides Haunting Its Halls

    Photo: Dave Newman (newmanchu) / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    The Driskill is a historic hotel widely recognized as one of the most active paranormal locations in Austin. Many claim to feel the presence of Jesse Lincoln Driskill himself lurking on the premises. The hotel has all the classic staples, including a creepy portrait that makes viewers queasy, the spirit of a little girl on the staircase, strange noises coming from empty rooms, and two ghost brides who committed suicide in room 525.

    The little girl on the stairs was a senator’s daughter who died on the steps while chasing a ball back in 1887. Sightings of her began a week later. The spirit of a woman who committed suicide on the fourth floor can be heard whispering and weeping. Only glimpses of her have been caught out of the corner of the eyes of witnesses.

  • Metz Elementary Is Full Of Violent Spirits

    Photo: Adrianne Behning Photography / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Metz Elementary was demolished in 1990, but not without giving a final scare. The demolition crew was haunted by the sounds of giggling children from within the walls and by scrawlings that would just appear on the chalkboards. The bulldozers would abruptly stop as they neared the building, equipment broke down, the workers constantly fell off ladders, and even their watches stopped ticking while onsite.

    An exorcism was eventually performed and afterwards, a worker was killed when a wall fell on him. Today, a new school stands in its place, which probably wasn’t a good idea since the entire site is still ridiculously haunted. 

  • Shapeshifting Witches Called La Lechuza Haunt The Night Skies

    Photo: jdrephotography / flickr / CC-BY-ND 2.0

    It’s believed that pretty much all of Texas is considered the stomping grounds of La Lechuza. According to legend, La Lechuza are witches who sold their souls to Satan for immense power and for the ability to shapeshift. They transform into horrible, bird-like creatures and prey on humans who dare to walk the streets at night. They are able to mimic voices and often pretend to be a harmless baby, crying off in the distance. When the would-be hero wanders off to rescue the child, they become witch food.

  • Shoal Creek Was The Site Of An Indian Massacre

    Photo: ivers / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    One of the most haunted places in all of Texas is Shoal Creek. It was the site of a brutal Indian massacre, several battles, a flood, and contains burial grounds. Back in 1839, Gideon White built his log cabin home around the springs near Shoal Creek. By 1842, he was murdered by Native Americans. Now, his body is buried deep in the soil while his spirit roams the grounds with many others.