Graveyard Shift

Greyhound Bus Horror Stories That Will Make You Want To Walk Instead

Let's face it, if you're riding a Greyhound bus, you shouldn't be expecting much. The low-fare transportation line has a deservedly maligned reputation for long, horrendous rides stocked with fugitives and the hygienically challenged. That being said, every once in a while, a headline pops up about a Greyhound mishap that's so disturbing it makes you pretty sure that buying a bus ticket would be akin to performing your own appendectomy with a spork - it's an absolute last resort. 

This list takes a look at some of the worst (known) things that have happened on Greyhound buses. From predictable toilet snafus to outright public executions, if you're traveling on a budget, Greyhound has you covered. These cautionary coach bus tales will make you think that next time a $27 fare to Topeka seems like too good of a deal to pass up, there's always the infinitely better option of hitchhiking near a halfway house for registered sex offenders. Let's take a look at some of the scariest Greyhound bus stories ever told.