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18 People Describe Terrifying Home Invasions They Lived to Tell About

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In terms of horror stories that can actually happen to you, home invasion is literally terrifying.

The idea of someone lurking uninvited inside a place where you feel most comfortable, relaxed, and safe - whether to physically hurt you or just rifle through your things— is really upsetting. Just look at how many Law and Order or Criminal Minds episodes are based off of someone breaking into a home. 

For some people, home invasion isn't just a plot device on a TV show. These Reddit users had to go through it for real. They share the creepiest stories of people breaking into their homes uninvited that will send goosebumps down your spine. Make sure to lock the doors before reading.

  • Outnumbered at Gunpoint

    "When I was four, my parents worked long hours at a restaurant. They left my brother to babysit me until 10-10:30 p.m. at night. He's eight years older than me, so 12 years old at the time. Every night when my parents come home they'll ring the bell and I'll run to greet them at the door with my brother. One day the bell rings and when I open the door, instead of my parents, it's four guys standing there.

    Apparently they had been watching the house and knew the routine. They have guns and tell my brother and me to go downstairs and watch the TV as one of the guys stands guard over us. They let me sit there but they tie my brother up using his Nintendo cords. I remember going to tug at the cords at my brothers wrist (I wasn't trying to untie him, it was more out of curiosity) and the guy actually pointed his gun at me and told me to stop. When they finished going through the house, they tie us both to a beam and leave. After a little while my brother wiggled out from the bindings and my parents came home. Cops were called and info was given to the police. They got a few pieces of jewelry and a camcorder."

  • When the Burglar Made Himself at Home

    "When I was about 4, we were broken into twice. The first time, my grandfather and mum had been grocery shopping. We arrived home and unlocked the front door, and one of the bedroom doors up the passageway slammed shut from the change in air pressure. My grandfather must have sensed something was up, and ran up the passageway to the bathroom. Window was open, curtains swinging in the breeze and nobody to be found. They figured he mustn't have been there long before they arrived home as nothing in the house was touched or taken. The second time was three months later. My mum woke up to someone sitting on the bed with a knife in his hand at 3 a.m. Mum says she froze. Couldn't talk, couldn't move. Completely petrified. She said he was mumbling, but she couldn't make out was he was saying. Then next door neighbor's dog barked, and he just stood up and walked out. She heard the back sliding door open, and a minute or so later the line of light shining through the curtains from the streetlight was blanked out. She grabbed the phone and called my grandfather. All she said was 'there was someone in the house'. He lived about 5 minutes away with her three younger teenage brothers. In less than five minutes they pulled in the driveway and scattered to surround the house - all barefoot wearing only their underwear. Every single door was unlocked, and the backdoor was open. Nobody to be seen. Mum was a mess. There were big muddy footprints in the laundry under the little window she left open for the cat. It took a few days for all the weird things this creep had done to be discovered. He had shredded a black negligee that was in the laundry basket. Fed the cat and poured her a bowl of milk. Poured a whiskey out of the decanter in the living room, and added ice and coke to it. Some how had injected solder into the eggs in the fridge. Ate the leftover roast meat out of the fridge. Cut up some catalogue that were sitting on the bench. Took a photo of the stove top and another one of me sleeping on mums camera and left it sitting next door my bed. Tipped salt into mums shoes. The knife was out of mums block in the kitchen, and they never found it.

    Just really really weird sh*t. The cops came, got plenty of fingerprints, but whoever it was didn't have a record. The consensus eventually (a couple of years later) was that it was an acquaintance of one of her brothers. It was a bit of a Chinese whispers conclusion though - he'd said X & Y to person A, who told person B etc etc and it got back to mums brother. He was eventually locked up on some sort of psychiatric hold for something unrelated, and was never charged with the break in. Messed my Mum up for a lot of years."

  • They're Here for the Money

    "I live in a joint family system. My house is at the top and has just finalized construction and this is the night we moved in. I'm at the ground floor, with my sister, and three cousins, and their parents. We're all laughing and having fun watching TV when a masked guy with a gun walks in. Now I'm scared sh*tless because this is Pakistan, and I'm an in closet atheist so I think he's come for me. Instead, he beats up my uncle and starts asking them for money and jewelry. They go out of the room to look while this one guy watches us. Everyone is dead quiet, we are all kids in here. Aside from that one guy laughing and making jokes. He's nice. The others... not so much. One comes in and says that they are from Afghanistan and that Pakistan has helped the U.S. destroy their country. So he is going to rob Pakistan. When we said that we obviously aren't from the government, he says the army did it. I freeze. My dad, who's at the top floor, is in the army. He has been deployed at the Afghan border once. No ones children are on the same floor as the parents and nobody knows what's going on. I think our floor is the only one, and when they take everyone's phones I thank god my nexus is in my room. Uncle comes back with mean thief. They didn't find enough. Apparently someone told them that we had gold bricks hidden somewhere. This is where I start to calm down. They're here for money. Not for me.

    He then tells the nice guy to shoot ME to get them to talk. We manage to talk him out of it. Though then they take my eldest cousin, and tell his parents if they don't cough up more, they're never going to see him again. After a bit more beating and searching they decide to leave. My dad comes down after they've left to check on everyone. He's hurt pretty bad. Whoopie, my nexus is gone. Thankfully didn't touch my PS4 or PS3. Everyone is safe, though they were about to take a hostage. Also one of my cousins was apparently crying and begging the gunmen not to kill him to the point where the thief had to reassure him they are not. So yeah. Later police tells us one of them was killed in a showdown at another house when one of the neighbors called the police. My mother is traumatized by the incident."

  • Trapped in the Closet

    "I go and walk my dog around my house pretty late at night (12 a.m. - 1 a.m.)... maybe not the safest thing, but I live in the woods and away from people.

    Anyways, I start walking downstairs and notice my sister's door is open and the light is on... it struck me as odd considering she moved out six years ago, and nobody ever goes in there. I walk in to turn the light off and close the door and I see a man trying to hide behind the closet door (it's broken, filled with boxes, so there was no real way he could hide from me).

    I act like I didn't see him and I went and grabbed my shotgun from in the other room. Went back in and told him not to move or I'd f*cking kill him.

    He jumped out from the closet and took off running as fast as he could, right past me, into the garage, and out into the woods. I could have shot him, but I didn't.

    I saw his face... a few days earlier he knocked on my door claiming to know my neighbor and said he was looking for copper to sell... asked if I knew or had any old copper he could have. I gave him a few old car batteries I had and that was that. He said he had two daughters he was trying to take care of...

    I didn't call the cops, but that's the extent of my mercy...if he came back the next night he was dead."