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16 Hunters Share Their Horrifying True Stories

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There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh kill, bringing home dinner for the family, and camaraderie with fellow hunters. But what happens when you are no longer the hunter, and instead become the prey?

These terrifying stories from hunters will have you second guessing those noises you hear behind you on your perch. Was it just a deer? Maybe a small, furry woodland creature? Or maybe it was a bloodthirsty cougar ready to tear your throat out. Don't forget, animals like collecting big game trophies too, and humans are perhaps the most coveted prize. 

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    Something Left An Animal Carcass At This Hunter's Stand

    From Redditor /u/ozarkansas:

    I was walking to my stand early one morning (like an hour before sunup early) and I started hearing footsteps behind me. I thought I was just tripping because honestly who hasn't thought they heard scary noises in the dark? But it very quickly became apparent that they weren't just echoes or anything like that. I spun around and brought my gun up, but my headlight reflected off my scope and I got blinded. I heard the footsteps move off the trail but I couldn't see anything.

    As a started moving again, a light appeared to the woods to my right, paralleling me about 75 yards away. It continued alongside me for about 50-100 yards before I cut my headlight off, at which point it swept back and forth, then clicked off. At this point I was crouched down with my gun up and I could hear two male voices whispering to each other, then nothing.

    I crept to my stand and felt safer with my back to a tree and looking out over the trail I came in on, but I never saw any deer. When it was time for lunch I climbed down the deer stand and checked a rub-line maybe 100 yards to my left for activity.

    When I got back there was a rabbit at the base of my stand. Its head had been neatly cut off and the wound was still steaming. The rabbit was limp but there was no blood or footprints anywhere near.

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    Decapitated Kangaroo Found Where Hunters Had Been Moments Before

    From Redditor /u/camelm8:

    Not my story, but my dad's. He and a mate were out bush spotlighting one night, and had decided to call it a night and head home. They'd packed up the guns and were driving out. Upon rounding a bend they heard what both dad and his friend describe as the most terrifying, blood curdling scream they'd ever heard, coming from where they had just been. They reloaded their guns and decided to go back and investigate (f*ck that) and discovered the body of a kangaroo. A freshly decapitated kangaroo, with the head nowhere to be found. They got out of there real quick after that.

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    Skinwalker Sighting

    From Redditor /u/RhythmicNebula:

    Pretty sure I encountered a skinwalker even though that wouldn't make sense since I was in Oregon. But while my dad was taking a piss in the bushes, I was in the truck and saw a coyote step out of some trees on my side of the truck. Its eyes were human and its face was strangely human. I locked eyes with it and instantly started panicking but couldn't look away. When my dad got in the truck it stood up on its hind legs and walked back into the trees. I started hitting my dad saying "go, go, go, just f*cking go." And he sped off.

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    Man Stalks Campsite All Night

    From Redditor /u/glytheum:

    About 20 years ago, a girlfriend and I went on our first backpacking overnight. We hiked into the mountain next to Tucson, Arizona to a popular spot (miles from any roads) with a pool of water - not that common in the desert. Late at night, as we were sleeping, we heard walking around our tent, circling it and making a grunting sound. It was clearly a man and I had to assume he was not sane. He did this on and off all night and was still around at dawn when he began leaping into the watering hole and screaming like the mad man he was, followed by more tent circling and grunting. I told my girlfriend to keep quiet as to not let the man know who was inside the tent, which is what he wanted, I think. We slept late and never saw this guy. We left that afternoon. Being my first camping trip, this spooked me for years and had me believing that this was fairly common.

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