The Scariest Things About John Bolton

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Vote up the stances John Bolton has taken that make you uneasy about his role as National Security Adviser for President Trump.

What's scary about John Bolton? Depending on which side of the political divide you fall, the answer is either "a whole lot" or "nothing much." When President Trump announced Bolton as National Security Adviser following the resignation of H.R. McMaster effective April 2018, the outcry was immediate and unusually loud.

Why the hubbub? As an attorney and diplomat serving in the Reagan and both Bush administrations, Bolton cultivated a hard-line, hawkish stance on national security, a stance on which he has doubled down over years as an analyst and commentator for Fox News and various other media outlets.

But what about you? Are you frightened by the prospect of John Bolton as the most powerful security official in the United States? Why... or why not?

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    He doesn't believe the United Nations serves much of a purpose.

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    He advocates abandoning the Iranian nuclear deal.

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    He suggested the Russian DNC hack was a false flag operation by the Obama administration.

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    He doesn't believe the International Criminal Court has any authority.

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    He is a longtime Fox News contributor.

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    He withdrew America from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia.