This Artist Transforms Company Logos Into Weapons, And It's Kind Of Terrifying

Tom Gale is a true millennial artist, using Instagram and webpages as his main medium. You may know him for websites Drake Weather or Call Trump. His art borders on performance and most frequently features Apple products or VR headsets. Obsessed with commenting on the dissonance of technology in modern life, Gale often uses self-made tech apps and gadgets to make his point. He has even made a series of Instagram ads that advertise himself.

This time around, he has decided to rib the American corporate dystopia by literally turning popular logos into weapons – and they are fierce as hell. Between Nike, Facebook, and McDonald's, no corporate brand is safe... and neither are the streets of New York City. These company logos have been redesigned as weapons, and while it is certainly a display of creativity, the results are somewhat terrifying.