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15 Horrifying Death Videos That Exist But You'll Never See

Thanks to the internet and the ability that it offers the world to proliferate the worst images and videos imaginable, people are able to see some of the most heinous and strange things that have ever been created - or are they? There’s a whole world of secret footage and lost film that’s never been released to the public and likely never will be, either because it’s too traumatizing, or because there’s only one copy of the video and the owner is keeping it under wraps. Most tapes never released are spoken about in the same hushed tones as snuff films, but that’s not all that's out there. Some of the lost videos that are included on this list are owned by the government, who has only released a portion of the footage, or they’re a part of a larger piece of work and the producers have decided to keep the juiciest pieces of tape on lockdown.

Most of the unseen footage that exists is made up of things that you wouldn’t want to see even if you could. These horrible acts and events aren’t exactly things that the regular viewer is clamoring to see on an everyday basis, so maybe it’s for the best if the world is never able to see the full week-long video that the Craigslist Killer filmed, or Armin Meiwes' attempt at cooking dinner. Judge for yourself while you read about these horrifying videos that exist somewhere, but that you’ll never see. 

  • The Grizzly Man Tapes

    Timothy Treadwell (otherwise known as the Grizzly Man) and his girlfriend lost their lives to a grizzly bear in 2003 while filming footage meant to raise public awareness of the problems faced by bears in North America. Some of Treadwell's footage was used in the Werner Herzog documentary Grizzly Man, which took footage and audio from Treadwell's tapes to form the story of his final days.

    The full tapes are likely locked in a safe and will never be seen by anyone outside of Herzog and the film's producers. 

  • Colin Scott's Yellowstone Recording

    In 2016, Colin Scott and his sister Sable were hiking in Yellowstone National Park when Colin decided to test the waters in one of the park's hot springs and slipped and fell into an acidic mud pot. Rescue workers had to wait for a day to recover Colin's body due to a lightning storm in the area, and by the time they got to the pool, there was nothing left to recover.

    According to the park spokeswoman, the rescue efforts were halted "due to the extreme nature and futility of it all."

    Sable taped her brother with her cell phone as he tested the water and then fell inside; the video apparently also shows Sable's failed attempts to save her brother. Park officials do not intend to release the video or give a detailed description of its contents.

  • The Christine Chubbuck Video

    Since the release of two films about Christine Chubbuck in 2016, gore hounds across the internet have been trying to find footage of her taking her own life on air in 1974. It was believed that the original footage of Chubbuck's passing had been destroyed, but in 2016, Mollie Nelson, the widow of Chubbuck's old station manager, confirmed that a cassette of the incident existed and had been left to her by her late husband.

    Chubbuck's final moments played out like a real-life version of Videodrome, with Chubbuck speaking into the camera following a news report and saying, “In keeping with Channel 40’s policy of bringing you the latest in blood and guts and in living color, you are going to see another first - an attempted suicide.”

    Then she pulls out a .38 caliber side arm and fires at herself. 

  • Sandy Hook Surveillance Video

    While there is some surveillance footage from the 2012 mass slaying at Sandy Hook Elementary School that's been released by Connecticut's Department of Emergency Services, it's very heavily redacted.

    The DoES dropped on-scene video footage, photographs, and previously sealed police reports. Rather than include all of the footage, they replaced quite a bit of footage with a blue “CONTENT REDACTED” warning. The heavy redaction of the video has probably led to the vast amount of conspiracy theories that surround the incident.