Graveyard Shift You Will DEFINITELY Be Murdered in These Motels  

Jacob Shelton
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There’s nothing like a good ol’ fashioned road trip, complete with a stay at a haunted hotel. Whether you’re with friends or family, nothing beats the freedom of the open road. Unfortunately, you have to sleep somewhere, and usually if you’re in the middle of nowhere your choices are slim. At times it can feel like you’re choosing between the Murder Motel or the Homicide Lodge. Sometimes you’d be better off sleeping in your car. If you’re doing double nickels on the dime this summer and you see one of the motels on this list, you might just want to keep driving; there’s nothing good for anyone at these creepy inns. In fact, you stay at any of them, we can guarantee that you’re going to get quite a scare.

Some of the places on this list actually look kind of nice, but they’re haunted by legless hobo ghosts that keep residents up at all hours of the night, or they’re captivated by rooms so frightening that they have to be locked from the outside. Others have a reputation for being dens of iniquity to the nth degree, and some of the motels just can’t seem to keep bugs out of the ceiling. Whatever the case, these scary motels and haunted inns are sure to have you doing triple research on the next place you plan to lay your head.

Vote for which motel you think would be the scariest to spend the night at, and leave us a comment if you’ve had any creepy overnight experiences. And if you saw a ghost we owe you a dollar.

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You Will DEFINITELY Be Murdered in These Motels