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Who You Would Be In A Scary Movie, According To Your Zodiac Sign

Updated 3 Jul 2020 788.9k views12 items

Which scary movie trope are you? Your astrology sun sign says what role you play in life, so why not on the big screen also? Whether you’re a sinister-yet-tortured Scorpio or stubborn-as-a-death-sentence Taurus, you deserve to be a star. Or at least to not get killed in the first five minutes.

One of the joys of watching a scary movie is yelling at the characters for being such complete, death-wish morons. It’s convenient to act like we’re better than them, because we aren’t currently fleeing zombies or stepping on every creaking board in our attempt to hide from a serial killer with terrible skin. But astrology has a way of calling us out. When mutant slime seeps up from the floorboards, your zodiac sign reveals which horror movie character you’d really be. Not all of us are good guys and, sorry to say, most of us will be biting it in blood-spurting glory before the credits role. Spoiler alert: the Libras survive.

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