Scariest Movies You Weren’t Allowed To Watch As A Kid But Did Anyway

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Scary childhood movies come in many different forms. Sometimes, it's just a creepy character who haunts kids, and on other occasions, children's movies are unintentionally frightening. But for the truly brave kids out there, sneaking a glimpse of a real horror movie strictly forbidden by parents was where they got their thrill. 

Sleepovers often ended with an older sibling showing a room full of terrified 12-year-olds A Nightmare on Elm Street or Friday the 13th, much to the chagrin of parents the next day. Then, there were the nights when a kid sucked up all of their courage to tiptoe into the living room for a very ill-advised viewing of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre while their unsuspecting guardians sat close by.

It's definitely a rite of passage: Finally exerting free will by sneaking a viewing of the scariest childhood horror movies just to find out what regret really means.