Scary Mugshots Of People You Wouldn't Want To Share A Cell With

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While people usually agree that most criminals are unpleasant on their own, these scary mugshots portray people whose physical existences pose a crime against the visible world. The officers on duty for these creepy mugshots definitely had trouble sleeping later, but one can only imagine what it's like for the prisoners who share a cell with these perps. Imagine, after being cast into the prison industrial complex over a minor infraction, you now also have to bear your punishment alongside a bootleg Beelzebub. In terms of safety, you're probably better off in Florida than with the perps behind these creepy mugshots.

Some of the scary people in these mugshots look so much like supernatural monsters it's a wonder the camera even caught them, vampires that they are. If you ever thought about committing a crime, consider the prospect of these scary mugshots becoming your bunkmate. In these horrifying mugshots, you will witness face tattoos, twisted piercings, and more horns than Satan knows what to do with.