These Ned Flanders Costumes Will Give You Endless Nightmares From Which There Is No Escape

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We need to talk about creepy Ned Flanders cosplayers, or more truthfully, the indisputable fact that all Ned Flanders cosplay is super creepy. Look, Halloween is coming and we need to prepare for the worst. Every party seems to have "that guy," the one who's painted himself yellow and is walking around 100% in character. Seeing a living breathing Ned is just uncanny, it should not be done.

Sometimes these Neds glue ping pong balls on their faces to mimic "Simpson Eyes." It is inexplicably sinister and the WORST of all the Simpsons costumes. The guy that dresses up as Ned for Halloween, or just on a regular day, is the same guy that makes you feel like an idiot for not recognizing a Camus quote or screams at you for winning a game of scrabble. Sinister, insidious, and worse than a cousin that only texts Goku memes - you might start to see what the hey diddly Homer was talking about. 

Doh! Whether you're a fan of Ned or mentally preparing for Halloween, these cosplayers who look like Ned Flanders are simultaneously horrifying and annoying. It's time to brace ourselves for Halloween night. The Flanders are coming. No one can stop them.