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People Who Dabbled In The Occult Share Their Most Frightening Experiences

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Who hasn't considered dabbling in the occult at one time or another? The world offers so many options for spiritual exploration, it's often tempting to experiment with mysticism, hexes, or projections, and these people did exactly that

Ouija boards, tarot cards, and crystals are all popular forms of seeking occult experiences, but sometimes, these methods return greater results than the conjurer bargained for. Whatever your beliefs, these occult stories may make you consider whether there are forces at play beyond the physical realm.

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    An Entity Gave Them Three Long Scratches Every Night

    From Redditor /u/StokFlame:

    I rented a house a few years back and never believed in [the] paranormal or any sort of spirits, etc. My first week in the house was [fine] - a few [creaks] here and there, but nothing major. I very soon started to feel like I was being watched or [there was] just a presence in general.

    The [third] week, I started waking up in the middle of the night with large scratches - almost cuts - going the length of my arm. From my wrist to my armpit, three scratches, all parallel. Always on my right arm. I didnt think much of it. One night, I hear a loud bang, go to the back, and notice my back door was open. Okay, no worries. I shut and lock the door with a deadbolt. Next morning, I wake up and the door [is] wide open, but the freaky part [is] the deadbolt is still in the locked position, as well as the knob. It really starts to freak me out now.

    I start telling a person I work with about this stuff. He told me his sister was a Native American shaman priestess... and she would come sage-bless my house if I wanted. The next week, she came over with I believe it was called sweet grass and sage. She burned the sage [while] walking around and told me [she could definitely] feel a presence in the house. She hung the sweet grass over my bed, and ever since, I haven't had anything strange happen. Very strange.

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    Their Grandmother Punished Them With Evil Spirits

    From a Redditor:

    I was about 13, and my grandma was a believer in spirits, witches, etc. Well, I had just p*ssed her off, and she told me I was going to pay.

    That night I woke up at about 3 in the morning, and I saw a little kid with a green shirt on in my room. He stared at me for about a minute, and I couldnt look away. He then ran out of my room straight through the door laughing. About 30 minutes later, another figure appeared in my room who looked about 15. He just stared at me and mumbled something, and no matter how hard I tried, I couldnt talk, scream, or move, I could only look. He then vanished into seemingly thin air. The next night, I woke up at about the same time, and it sounded as if there were 50 people in my room screaming at me to kill myself [and] my family, and just a lot of negative thoughts in general.

    The next day I got annointed, and it stopped. Later that day, I had to see my grandma and I instantly started to get sick after I hugged her, and she just sat there with a smirk on her face. I then got annointed again and it stopped. I still can't explain how she did it, but I still to this day, [I'm] afraid to make my grandma mad.

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    Their Classmate Cursed His Three Bullies

    From Redditor /u/Muggi:

    Kid I was friends with in HS was jumped on two separate occasions: First, a mutual friend lured him outside his house, where a large group of dudes waited. One of them jumped him and beat him fairly badly; second was a very HS “meet me after school” type fight, which my friend won, and [he] was subsequently jumped by the fight loser’s boxer friend - [in] that one, he got severely f*cked up.

    So [fast-forward] a year or so, he and I have kinda grown apart. He tells me he’s getting into Satanism and made a pact to sell his soul. He asked for [the] three [bullies] (the one that lured him, the loser of the second fight, and the boxer) to all be killed.

    Luring guy [perished] in a freak car accident two-ish years later (thrown from the back of a topless Jeep). Loser of the second fight [went] four-ish years later ([dope] OD). Boxer [passed] four-ish years later (don’t know).

    We’re in our mid-forties now, [and] he’s married with a kid. All probably total coincidence, but at the time, it was like... wtf did you do?

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    Her Mother Put Hexes On Those Who Wronged Them

    From Redditor /u/CadeyShelley:

    My mom and I are both practitioners of Witchcraft. I am a white witch, while my mom is a dark witch, which means she deals with hexes, curses, etc. My mom has hexed people in the past that have hurt her or her family. She is not afraid of Karma or the Rule of 3. One of the curses I saw was when I was a child.

    There was a man who worked with my stepfather who would constantly steal clients from him or would take credit for my stepfather’s work. He actively tried to sabotage my stepfather’s employment and my mother got fed up.

    She performed a hex on him, and within days the guy had fallen from favor at work. All his clients were canceling appointments for [various] reasons, his deals were falling through, his hair was thinning from stress, his family was going through economic hardships, etc. The guy’s life completely did a 180, and to this day he hasn’t fully recovered from it. He still struggles with making sales and is constantly getting on his employer’s nerves.

    Another time, an old friend of mine and I had an awful falling-out. Her betrayal really hurt me, and I fell into depression for a long while. She tried turning friends against me and did everything she could to hurt me. My mother decided to return some of that negative energy her way and performed a hex. I didn’t know it at the time (otherwise I would have told her not to), but she put a curse on her and her family.

    Well, within days, everything went wrong. Her family fell into economic hardships and they lost the family car and almost lost their house, her father had a stroke out of nowhere and with no family history of it (thankfully nothing serious), but [he] was bedridden for days and couldn’t work, her schoolwork suffered, and her family had a period of real tough times. My mom didn’t tell me what she had done until months later, at which point I was terrified of her.

    Magic isn’t something to be done lightly, and hexes especially are dangerous things. I wouldn’t touch them with a 10-foot pole, but my mom actively practices them. I worry when karma comes to collect.