Graveyard Shift

People Share Their Scariest 'Oh Hell No!' Moments  

Lowe Saddler
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Most people can tell immediately when it's time to nope out of a situation. And indeed, when certain situations seem particularly scary or suspicious, you should leave post-haste. Not everyone has experienced these kinds of scary "oh, hell no!" moments, but those who have, happily share their stories on Reddit. 

Even if you were lucky enough to avoid moments when everything goes wrong, you should always follow your intuition. Never trust a creepy situation if you don't have to - and be mindful of exit routes.

Stay Out Of The Machete-Loving Juggalo's Basement

From Redditor /u/generik89

After a night of drinking with the bar closing, I get invited back to an apartment owned by a friend of a friend to smoke some bud and drink a few more beers. I’ve heard about this guy before and heard he was a little wild, but thought nothing of it. He was kind of notorious for chopping a guy's hand off with a machete when he broke into his house to rob him.

I step foot into this apartment and there is spray paint everywhere. Like he had graffiti all over the place, which is different, but I wasn't super weirded out yet. Next thing you know - we’re out of beer and my two friends who I came along with decide to go on a beer run, and I volunteered to stay with machete man.

The second they leave, he starts pulling all kinds of guns and knives out to show me... I act interested and sort of am, but he starts getting weird like almost in a threatening way. Then he goes on to tell me he is a juggalo and starts explaining the juggalo culture.

In my head I am thinking, "WTF did I get myself into? Nothing good happens after the bar closes - why am I here?" He keeps insisting I must see his basement and all the amazing graffiti down there. I keep changing the subject because there is no way I am going into this lunatic's basement. I go out to smoke a cigarette to get away from him, and he follows me out. There’s a f*cking washing machine on his front lawn, and he spray paints a face on it while I’m smoking my cigarette.

We go back in and thankfully my friends return from getting beer, and he goes from being weird to back to whatever normal is for this guy. I had never been more uncomfortable hanging out with someone before. I ran into him at a bar a few weeks later, and him and his friends were trying to jump someone I knew. I was actually able to stop it from happening because he thinks of [me] as a friend, so at least something good came from that night.

A Hooded Man Was Waiting To Be Alone With Her

From Redditor /u/burkdoggiedog

Around three years ago, my girlfriend was house-sitting for a family friend of my parents. Long story short - it was the summer of her junior year in college, and she had found a good internship near me so she lived there while the family traveled all summer long. To set the background: this house is in the rural parts of North Carolina, surrounded by woods on all sides, and the driveway takes about five or six minutes to drive down on average.

Her bedroom she stayed in was directly facing the driveway and out to the woods. The second week she was staying there, I drop her off maybe around 1:00 am after we have spent all day up in the mountains hiking and spending time with friends. We say our goodbyes, she closes and locks the door, and I walk back to my car.

Not even 10 seconds after I reach my car, I get this awful feeling that something is wrong - and right after that, I hear my girlfriend's scream out the most terrifying scream I have ever heard. I rush back to the door, but it is still locked - I try all of the windows and other doors (this house is three stories and around 5,000 square feet). Finally one of the bathroom windows on the basement floor is unlocked, so I climb inside.

I rush upstairs to where she is and right then I see a tall, hooded figure bolt out of the room and jump through the front bay window (in her bedroom). I start to chase, but they stand up and run into the woods, so I stopped running after because I did not know if they were alone. We call the police and they come out and search the outer perimeter, but that is it.

After it is all said and done, I ask my girlfriend what happened. She said that she went into the room she was staying in and had her back turned to the door. As she was setting her stuff down, she hears footsteps and then a voice say, "Finally, we are all alone."

They Saw A Ski Mask, So All Bets Were Off

From Redditor /u/SharkGenie:  

I used to live in a kind of rough neighborhood. I went walking down the Dollar General near where I lived, and saw a guy approaching the store wearing a ski mask. I immediately noped and started walking the other direction.

It was then that I realized it was January and below freezing out. I might be a coward.

When A Guy Holding A Four Loko Says Someone Is Getting Shot, Someone Is Getting Shot

From Redditor /u/swheels125

Hard to top the stories from people who’ve been in the armed forces, but here it goes. I went to a university in a not-so-nice area of my city. My senior year, I lived off-campus by a few blocks close to the edge of what most students considered the “safe zone."

So one night I’m walking to the other end of campus to grab drinks with friends, and when I reach the end of my block, a guy riding a bike with one hand, drinking a Four Loko, comes riding by saying, “Get off the block, someone’s about to get shot.”

I said, “Thanks,” and booked it about 30 seconds before the shooting started. Didn't stop 'til I was on the other side of campus.