Graveyard Shift

Disturbing Paramedic Stories You Shouldn't Listen To Before Bed  

Samantha Dillinger

Things that go bump in the night pale in comparison to things that go squish in the back of an ambulance. If you take twisted pleasure in scary stories before you tuck in for the night, this video reading of paramedic nightmares might just be your cup of tea.

As frightening as a midnight Goosebumps or creepypasta binge might frighten you, paramedic stories often inspire a more visceral horror because they're real. Slenderman might not exist, but grievous bodily harm does.

Unfortunately, a lot of the most terrifying horrors happen to be entirely likely possibilities. Sure, a serial killer might be hiding underneath your car, but your garage door is still more likely to kill you.

And no one knows that terrifying truth better than paramedics, since their job reminds them constantly. Watch the video below to discover some of the scariest and most shocking stories from first responders.