If These Photos Freak You Out You May Have Feretrophobia, A Fear Of Coffins

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There are a number of phobias in the wide world, many of them especially horrifying and creepy. Feretrophobia is one such gruesome fear. What is feretrophobia? You may have seen it on American Horror Story: Cult if you watch, but feretrophobia is the fear of caskets, coffins, and being buried alive. This fear, up until the advent of modern science, wasn't actually as unlikely as you'd think.

During the cholera epidemics of the 18th and 19th centuries it was so common to accidentally inter a loved one they started putting bells in coffins so one could be rescued if the doctor jumped the gun on declaring a person deceased. Clearly anyone who faced such a harrowing event would live with a fear of caskets all their days. Then again, as coffins have become so associated with death, there are few who don't get uneasy looking at scary coffin pictures.

Whether coffins just give you the heebie-jeebies or fill you with intrusive thoughts of waking up from a cat nap in a box underground, feretrophobia is sure to rear its ugly head around Halloween. See if you have this fear and/or face it by scrolling through these creepy pictures of coffins. If these pictures don't trigger your feretrophobia, perhaps you are more impervious to the idea of death than you thought.