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19 Redditors Describe The Scariest Places They’ve Ever Visited

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We can all think of scary places we've visited at some point in our lives. Maybe you've stayed at a hotel where you found out that some guests never checked out, or you've gotten lost in a patch of woods even though you were just going on a quick hike. As it turns out, some of the most ordinary places can be the most terrifying.

Folks on Reddit have no shortage of stories about scary locations and situations that they've found themselves in - these are some of the scariest we could find. By the end of this list, we're pretty confident that you'll never go into your local forest, cemetery, or cave without a flashlight ever again. Or maybe just ever.

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    They Encountered An Evil Dog In A Strange House

    From Redditor u/Nopefeelins:

    [I was having a] one night stand [with a] girl, right before we were gonna do anything I had to use the bathroom. She showed me where, pointing the way. Her house seemed unnaturally dark, like evil dark.

    So there I am in the bathroom, and I went to open the door and I got that horrifying feeling something evil was on the other side of the door. Like if I opened the door right then, I would be attacked. My fight or flight kicked on, and I [yanked] the door open, and I just in time saw the biggest dog ever walk back around a corner out of sight. Looked like a mangy great dane.

    I ran down stairs and told her, and she went sheet white. We bailed out of the house and she calls her dad and goes, "It's back dad."

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    They Nearly Rented A Terrifying Airbnb

    From Redditor u/neighborhoodassassin:

    An Airbnb in Barcelona. I’ve spent quite a while in Spain, speak Spanish, and have visited Barcelona multiple times. I’ve also used Airbnb multiple times, and know what to check for. Two friends and I (all 20sF) picked an Airbnb with several favorable ratings, in a good neighborhood. One of the ones that’s a room in someone’s apartment.

    Show up, and the two guys look nothing like the picture, but are very hospitable, so we went inside. They showed us around, and the apartment looked like the photos. Then they showed us the room and let us be. We open the door to the room and it’s nothing like the photos. It’s essentially a closet, 3 dirty twin mattresses on the floor with no pillows and blankets covered in old food. Furthermore, the door to the room has no interior lock on it - but it DID have an exterior lock.

    It’s at this point that we also realize they never gave us a key to the apartment.

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    A Terrifying, Spider-Like Creature Crawled Over Them In A Haunted House

    From Redditor u/rumpldumplstiltskin:

    Edinburgh Manor in Scott’s Grove, IA.

    I was there a few weeks ago on a paranormal investigation. The minute you stepped in that place, you could feel an overwhelming sense of dread. We took pictures outside, and after examining them a few days later, there is a face of a boy staring at us from a nearby window...

    Weird things occurred during the daylight hours, but it went feral at night. It’s a horseshoe-shaped building, but we kept getting disoriented and lost down each hallway. We had shadow figures, balls of light, shapes staring at us from doorways.

    We were doing a session in [a room] on the first floor when a large, black, spider-like creature (it looked like a pair of hands stuck together and moved like Thing from The Addams Family) scuttled in and ran over my friend and my feet and we all lost it. It disappeared into an opening under a cabinet that was maybe an inch tall. We tried running out, but the door slammed shut on us. My friend’s husband [had] to shoulder the door open to get us out of that room.

    We booked it from there and met up with our other group members, who had been chased out by what they described as an “eight-foot tall cloaked black figure.”

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    They Saw Shadowy Figures Outside A Seedy Motel Room

    From Redditor u/captconfusion:

    Some hotel [in] Atlanta. My mom ... picked a cheap hotel outside the city. As we got [to] sleep, someone started banging on the door screaming [that] we owed them money. My mom called [the] front desk for security who came and removed that guy.

    The rest of the night, we saw shadows [go] back and forth outside the window, and they would just be standing there. Eventually, at 4 in the mornjng the banging came back. My mom called security and had them [walk] us to our truck because she refused to deal with it any longer.