This Guy Turned Pokémon Into Truly Horrifying Monsters That You Will Never Be Able To Unsee

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From the depths of the seemingly never-ending creative well that is the brain of the talented artist David Szilagyi, a barrage of scary Pokémon fan art spawns and multiplies – crawling from the trenches of his Instagram page and reaching the far corners of the Internet as quickly and menacingly as the ooze that slips through the cracks of a decaying slab of concrete.

Terrifying Pokémon art accentuates how truly monstrous these creatures can be if looked at from the perspective of someone who sees them for the chilling beasts they really embody. Say goodbye to the friendly face you once saw in Pikachu, the charming chatter that Meowth supplied throughout the anime, and pretty much any other warm and fuzzy feeling that friendly Pokémon used to give you, because once you set your eyes on this harrowing Pokémon fan art by David Szilagyi, you won't be able to unsee the horrors that lie within each and every one of them.

Feed your fears by throwing your colorful, childhood video game friends into a world of dark, decrepit nightmares by indulging in the masterful, spooky art of Pokémon that David Szilagyi is eager to supply to fans.