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The Most Disturbing Pokemon Fan Art On The Internet

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Just in case you didn't feel uneasy enough after reading the 13 Creepy Pokédex Entries, rest assured that some incredibly talented members of the Pokémon fandom have got you covered. For years, artists have taken it upon themselves to morph those lethal, but lovable creatures into something so unholy and perverse that would give even Tim Burton pause. 

Take a look at our picks for the most unsettling Pokémon fan art, and afterwards, you can decide whether or not you still want to catch 'em all. To be honest, these creations look like they'd catch you first, from beneath your own bed. Rather than carry these actual monsters around in your pocket, be content to just carry them around in your head, and nightmares.

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    David Szilagy's take on everyone's favorite electric mouse is nothing less than unsettling. Bravo.

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    Finally ending the debate on which Generation One starter is the best, here we find David Szilagyi's Charmander eating a Bulbasaur salad and some Squirtle soup.

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    With two additional sets of arms and a bevy of skulls, David Szilagyi's Machamp is undefeated and wears his opponents torn limbs as trophies.

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    Maybe the best ad ever created? Weezing went from kind of derpy to down right terrifying thanks to JR Coffron III's efforts.

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