Prisoners (And Some Guards) Reveal Their Scariest Memories From The Joint

Prison is scarier than any ghost story. If you’ve never heard prison stories from the inside, prepare yourself to be inundated with cruelty and gore. These former inmates share their scary stories from prison – the true stories from the joint that still keep them up at night.

Many ex inmates are still haunted by their experiences, and will do anything to avoid going back. Nurses, loved ones of inmates, and even prison guards share their stories of what it’s like to be on the inside. It’s an incredibly stressful and scary environment, always looking over your shoulder, never knowing when someone could go after you. 

WARNING: These prisoners share their stories from inside, and the results can be quite graphic and disturbing. This article is definitely NSFW. 


  • Watched Instructional Video On How To Not Be Assaulted

    From user Hipolymerduck:

    "When I first got there, I had to watch an instructional video on how not to be r*ped... That was legitimately the scariest memory I had of it."

  • This Inmate Stopped Brushing His Teeth So He Wouldn't Be Targeted

    From user grandpagangbang:

    "Being [violated] by a kid 10 years younger than you is humiliating in itself but being forced to french kiss the kid is even worse. You learn very quickly, that if you are a targeted inmate that you stop taking care of your oral hygiene. Nobody wants to kiss you if you have green teeth."

  • Her Guts Were Outside Of Her Body

    From user afakefox:

    "Less bloody in a way, but there was a woman there who was definitely developmentally delayed. She had tried to [wipe out] her mother and while the mother was escaping she ran her over, put it in reverse, floored it back over her again, and finally, put it in drive over her one last time. The mother was actually extremely abusive and was in the same prison in a different part. The daughter would always have her arms inside her shirt, you'd only see her arms when she was sitting like eating or something. She's across from me one day eating and I see her drop a pile of something. I immediately was like wtf, you can't have stuff in the chow hall what is this girl doing? It was kinda loud when she dropped it so it wasn't laundry. It looked kinda like meat. How and why does she have meat? We're eating spaghetti right now Ohhhhh my god that's her intestines and guts. Just falling out of her torso onto the floor. She's struggling to gather all of it, it looks slippery. After that I noticed her dropping her guts onto the floor on a regular basis and had to stop being around her at all it smelled to me and the other girls would have her pull it out sometimes. So gross."

  • Inmates Had A Special Wedding Dress For Predators

    From user ricklionheart:

    "The first time I went to visit a prison as law student, one of the prisoners knew a law class was coming, sh*t on his hand and smeared everywhere outside of the cells. This was also my first encounter with prison [torment]. The guards showed us the wedding dress the inmates used for dressing and r*ping r*pists and other criminals, according to the prison 'ethics'. I have dealt with other instances of horrible [torment], but this one stuck with me because it was just laying there with blood like when you see pictures of medieval instruments of [torment]."