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27 PS4 Games That Are So Scary We're Still In Shock

With all the groundbreaking exclusives and series over the years, it's no surprise there are so many legit scary PS4 games. Horror is easily one of the most popular gaming genres, and that's likely because gamers (usually) love immersing themselves in a game that jumps out at them, tears them to pieces, and scares the crap out of them. As gaming has developed into better graphics and sound, these games have only gotten more horrifying, and the trend doesn't appear to be slowing down any time soon.

The PS4 is known for featuring some of the best and scariest horror games around. With so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the games players should check out if they truly want a scare. These 27 titles are the most frightening, pulse-racing, and blood-pumping horror video games the PlayStation 4 has ever seen. Some games, like Observer and Detention, rely more on tension and psychological scares, while PS4 horror games like P.T. are straight-up fright fests.

Take a look at the scariest games ever released on the PlayStation 4, and if you see one that had you lying awake at night, framing out at the slightest sound while sleep seemed impossible, make sure to vote it up so readers can see which of these epic PS4 horror games are considered the most frightening of all.

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    Home Sweet Home (2017)

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    Brought to us form Thai developer Yggdrazil Group, Home Sweet Home dives deep into Thai folklore to conjure up a terrifying first-person horror adventure game that places a heavy emphasis on hiding. Players take control of Tim, a misanthrope who's searching for his missing wife. Unfortunately, the more clues he uncovers, the creepier things become.

    Home Sweet Home successfully blends folklore with in-game elements to create an original (and scary) puzzle-adventure horror game. While the controls sometimes leave something to be desired, the dense plot more than makes up for any in-game hiccups.

    • Release: 2017
    • Developer: Yggdrazil Group Co., Ltd
    • Genres (Video game): Horror-Adventure
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    Resident Evil 7: Biohazard (2017)

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    Before the remakes were getting their treatment on the new console generation, the Resident Evil franchise released the seventh game in the series, and it delivered exactly what the fans wanted. Resident Evil 7: Biohazard managed to serve up a traditional horror experience, and it took full advantage of the graphics and sound capabilities the new system had to offer.

    Unlike some of its predecessors, Biohazard managed a return to what made the franchise great in the first place: horror and unending tension and suspense. As the franchise aged over previous consoles, it started to step away from traditional horror in favor of more action-adventure gameplay elements, but not Biohazard. This game is all about scaring the player as much as possible, and being the first game in the franchise to be made for Sony's PSVR, it adds a level of immersion previously unseen in the franchise. It's also incredibly horrifying.

    • Release: 2017
    • Developer: Capcom
    • Genres (Video game): Survival Horror
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    P.T. (2014)

    Video: YouTube

    Often referred to as one of the "purest" psychological horror games ever made, P.T. (short for Playable Teaser) was released for free on the PlayStation Network. Originally intended to act as a sort of teaser for an upcoming Silent Hill sequel (if only...), the game was removed shortly after the sequel was officially canned. As a puzzle game, it features all the standard run-of-the-mill elements, but as a horror game, well, a quick Google search will tell you just how terrifying it is.

    So what makes this game so scary? For starters, it was developed by Kojima Productions, so you know the atmosphere, details, and mood are all top-notch. As a straight-forward walking simulator, players are immersed in a horrifying mansion where, instead of cheap jump scares, the ambiance is what really gives gamers the jitters. While it's no longer available to download (at least not officially), Visage, a "spiritual successor," was announced a few years ago.

    • Release: 2014
    • Developer: Kojima Productions
    • Genres (Video game): Psychological horror
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    Alien: Isolation (2014)

    Video: YouTube

    If you watched the original Alien movie and thought to yourself, "You know, I would probably be able to survive that," then Alien: Isolation is the game for you. The game is set in the same universe as the first movie, so it looks much like what we thought sci-fi needed to look like in 1979. Clunky monitors, large cables, giant space stations, and more are represented to make the atmosphere as engrossing as it was in the original film.

    The game features Amanda, Ellen Ripley's daughter, who boards the Sevastopol space station only to find that a Xenomorph has decided to make it its home. Once you meet the beast, you spend the rest of the game avoiding it, which may seem like it's not scary, but it's just as frightening as Sigourney Weaver made it look.

    You are literally being hunted throughout the entire game, and that means you will constantly be on the move, your awareness of your surroundings will be heightened to insane levels of fear, and once this beast finds you, prepare to meet your doom in a horrific way. This game works so well at inducing fear; it should come with a warning label.

    • Release: 2014
    • Developer: The Creative Assembly
    • Genres (Video game): Survival Horror, Science-Fiction
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