Graveyard Shift

Nobody Thought These Relics Carried Terrifying Curses...Until Somebody Stole Them And Paid The Price

We're all familiar with the unwieldy power of ancient relics from movies like Indiana Jones, but what if those powers were real? In the case of these scary relics, that might just be the case. Any archeologist will tell you that it's better to spend your days carefully digging centimeters at a time than to find yourself being chased by cursed mummies through tombs - but that doesn't mean you wont stumble upon a scary artifact or two. 

Historical haunted objects carry not only the stories of the past, but also a hefty curse, ghost, or other supernatural connection that makes them less than desirable to find. What's particularly interesting about this is not what scary relics do, but how easy it is for people to come across them by accident. It doesn't take a grave robber to find haunted artifacts - in some cases they're more likely to find you first.