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14 People Share Their Middle-Of-Nowhere Road Trip Stops That Turned Sinister

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Road trips are supposed to be a fun time with your loved ones, but sometimes the places found on these trips are too peculiar - or disturbing - to ignore. Frightening experiences can be even scarier on road trips because we're isolated and away from everything we see as familiar and comfortable. Some of the creepiest things people have found during their road trip stops include towns that seem to defy reality, neighborhoods with disturbing backstories, aggressive locals, unexplained fires, and dangerous hotels. 

Reading stories of people describing the sinster things they saw on road trip stops is a chilling look into the terror of the open road. 

  • They Found A Fire Filled With Bones

    From Redditor /u/badcgi

    One day, we are working in the area near the borders of South Africa, Namibia, and Botswana, and we see some smoke well off the road. Thinking it may be a village, we decide to go off road to take a look. It was fairly well-hidden behind a small hill, and from the road, you would have never known it was there if it were not for the column of smoke on the horizon. We get to it, and sure enough it looks like one of these unmarked working villages, maybe 10 or so huts, but something seemed very off. It took a second, and we realized that there was no one around, and yet it seemed as if whoever lived there was there only moments before. We head to where the smoke came from, and it was a large bonfire. When we looked closer, we noticed bones in it, goat and cattle bones. Other than the sound of the fire, there was not a peep from anything else. Once I stepped out of our truck to get a closer look, I had this overwhelming sense that I was being watched from afar and that I was not welcomed here. The other guys in the truck said they felt the same and that we needed to go. So we did.

    A couple of weeks later when we were driving back, curiosity got the better of me and I decided I wanted to check the site again. This time however, the village was stripped bare. Anything that could be taken was gone. All that was left was the shells of the huts and a black patch of ash where the fire was. There was one thing that was still there though, the sense of being watched. We didn't stay any longer and never went back.

  • They Had To Break Out Of Their Hotel

    From Redditor /u/Foxbat_Flyer

    On my first trip to Europe, we started in Rome, and drove down to Sicily, and on the way back north, we decided to stay the night in a small town instead of a major city. We ended up at a town called Lauria right on dark and hadn't booked any accomodation yet (we didn't know where we were going to end up, wanted to get as far as we could). As we drive around the town looking for a hotel, every local is stopping in their tracks and watching us like we are very out of place. We find and pull up at the only hotel we could find, a multi-level building with an empty car park, no guests or staff around. Went in and booked a room, and the guy who served us took our bags, put us in the elevator, and sent us on the way to our room. We get up three floors, and here he is waiting for us with our bags, not puffed out having outran an elevator while carrying three bags. It's the classic horror movie hallways, seemingly too long for the building and only half the lights are working. It's dead quiet inside, so we put our stuff in the room and get out to see if the town is really that bad. We head out for dinner, again every [person] stopping and staring at us as we walked down the streets. The next morning, we wake up early to [quickly leave] and find all the doors are locked and cannot be opened from the inside without a key, no staff anywhere, so we left the key on the desk and had to break out of the hotel window to get out. 10/10 was spooked. 

  • They Met A Frightening Lady In White

    From Redditor /u/duddy33

    My friend and I were on a road trip across the United States. I wanted to stop and get a postcard from each state as a memento. Washington, Idaho, Montana were all really easy to find postcards... Wyoming is where it got a little complicated. It was about 1:00 am, and we were just about in South Dakota when I remembered that I hadn’t got a card yet.

    We stopped at a Walgreens so I could find a card. I walk in and immediately get really uncomfortable. There is no one except for the cashier and a lady with a full cart of items. She’s all dressed in white. Like the whitest and cleanest white I’ve ever seen. She has matching white hair as well. I look around for postcards and don’t find any, so I walked up to the counter.

    These two people have not moved an inch. The cashier is standing there, not moving, and holding the scanner. After about three minutes, she looks up at me like I just got there.

    She said, “What do you need?” in a really sleepy voice.

    The lady in white turns around insanely fast and freaks me out a bit. She is incredibly pale, almost matching her outfit. She starts yelling, “HE DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING! HIS HANDS ARE EMPTY! WHY DONT YOU HAVE ANYTHING!?”

    For some reason, I managed to say I was looking for postcards, and the cashier just stared at me, saying nothing at all. The lady in white just kept whispering and pointing to me while repeating quietly that I had nothing in my hands to purchase. The cashier never moved. I glanced back as I jogged out the door, and they are right back to the exact positions they were in when I walked in.


  • They Drove Into The Void

    From Redditor /u/BlemishedB

    This starts with my boyfriend, his brother, [his brother's] girlfriend, and I all deciding to split off from the rest of his family during vacation and head to the Winchester Mystery House... Now since this is like six or seven years ago, I can't remember if we were headed to or back from there. I was driving and my [boyfriend] was the navigator, we started our trek and expected to be at our destination before nightfall. Somewhere along the lines, we took a wrong turn, although we had a map and both set [our] GPS. I didn't think about it at first, and nobody else mentioned it until what felt like a few hours of me driving. Now this wasn't in silence - from what I remember, it was a normal roadtrip with talking, laughing, and music...

    But we get down this particular road, and it all feels like we snapped out of a dream. Everything is dark, there's shadows of trees bunched here and there along the road but past that is pitch black... I'm talking a void of darkness where you feel it goes on for miles on end but you can't see it. One of them said something along the lines of, "Where are we?" and joked that we entered the Twilight Zone. But I tell you, I got this really uneasy feeling like I shouldn't drive any farther than I already have, and I think everyone else felt that, too, because we got really quiet and just kinda stared out the windows. We hadn't realized that there were literally no cars around us. What was supposed to be a highway was a narrow strip of road and nothing, just this stillness, like we entered a place we shouldn't have. I flip a b*tch and start speeding off in the opposite direction but lo and behold the scenery we saw "going back" wasn't the same as we saw coming in... It was still pitch black but none of it was familiar. You know how you can make out odd shapes from the shadows... but literally nothing looked like it was before. It took me about a good 15 or 20 minutes to get out of the void... But to this day, every one of us swears we were driving for hours in it. We can't find that turn, although we've taken that route a few more times throughout the year... and it really does seem like it was a dream except for the waking part. It's like everyone was stuck on autopilot and no one remembers what we said or even what sounds we heard during those hours. Gives me the creeps.