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11 Real Life Robots That Will Give You Nightmares

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Strap in, because this is a list that that will make your stomach flip - it's all creepy robots that are just a little too realistic. These creations will send you plummeting straight into the uncanny valley. If you're not familiar with the concept, you soon will be. It's the notion that something that looks or acts almost human will inspire feelings of revulsion or uneasiness. There's something horrifying about seeing something almost alive, but just somehow slightly off. The overall effect is downright eerie. 

All of these robots are frightening in different ways. Some of them look real, some act real, some of them are just way, way too into eye contact. But they all manage to go where no robot should go. Why are robots terrifying? That's a tricky question to answer, but this list is certain to give you plenty of nightmare fuel.

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    This One Has A Creepy Bird Mask

    Video: YouTube

    Why does it have to have those eyes? If there's one thing you don't want a robot to do, it's make eye contact, but Jordan Wolfson's Female Figure art installation has that down. Add in a creepy bird mask and a long blond wig, and it's genuinely revolting. Oh - and it dances. "Feeling love," it says, but you certainly won't be.

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    This Robot Looks Back At You

    Video: YouTube

    It's bad enough to look at a creepy robot, but this one looks back. This robot has sensors to take in its environment and react accordingly. Being able to see it looking out into the world brings a whole new unsettling dynamic to the situation.

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    This Robot Crawls Down The Street

    Video: YouTube

    It would be creepy enough to see a businessman crawling his way down a crowded street. It's way creepier when it's a robot. This machine is part of a performance art piece critiquing the intense business world in Japan, but that doesn't make it any less unsettling.

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    This Robot Casually Agrees To Destroy Humans

    Video: YouTube

    This clip starts off nice and innocent. The robot is talking about how it wants to learn and help people. But then there's a shift. Destroy humans? Yeah, sure. It's game for that too. This robot earns extra creepiness points for having a really realistic face. 

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