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The Scariest Performances In Sci-Fi Movies

Updated 22 May 2020 308 votes 46 voters 1.1k views16 items

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Just like its sister genre horror, science fiction teems with scary characters and circumstances. There's a special brand of science fiction movie that, instead of employing creatures or monsters, relies on character-driven performances to raise hairs and generate screams. Such films are responsible for reshaping the nature of genre villains by positioning talented actors in these roles instead of costumed stand-ins or computer-animated entities.

Whether in deep space, underwater, or in dreams, the actors on this list portray some of the most frightful and unnerving evildoers imaginable. While some of these foes are rotten from the start, others creep up on you slowly, revealing their true natures in subtle twists and turns.

Vote up the scary science fiction performances that push the genre to the brink of true horror.

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