Scary Skinny Actresses I'd Like To Give A Sandwich To

Or a meatball sub with extra mozzarella and a piece of chocolate cake. Just to knock them off of their organic, raw, vegetarian, whatever high horse.
  • I know she has drug addictions, alcohol problems, etc... but the people that are trying to help cure her.. incidentally forgot to feed her
  • I personally love Kate Bosworth, and I feel bad for her that she has fallen into the anorexic, Hollywood trap of starving yourself thin. She is so beautiful, but could stand to gain a few lbs.
  • I'm surprised no one has really said anything about Lindsay Lohan's recent drastic weight loss. Before, when she first got really thin, it was all anyone talked about. These days, I feel like people just expect this type of thing from LiLo. Poor Lindsay. I think both she and SaMANtha Ronson could use a very large meal. With carbs.
  • she just bothers me in general.