29 Terrifying Close-Up Photos of Snakes

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Can you stomach these photos of snakes? If you need to immediately close your lap top and slide it to the other end of your desk, you may have ophidiophobia, the extreme fear of snakes. While most people are naturally fearful of these slithery reptiles, people diagnosed with ophidiophobia are morbidly terrified of them and can't even stand to look at serpent photos.

Although snakes aren’t the friendliest of Earth’s creatures, the reality is that snakes are more afraid of humans than most people think. The other reality is that fear makes you irrational and scared of pictures, so no shame if this happens to you.

Whether you have ophidiophobia or snakes just give you the creeps, you can try and face your fears by looking at these terrifying pictures of snakes. And, if you’re not fearful of these limbless creatures, check out these pictures that will make you afraid of snakes.