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Horrific Stories Of Snakes Who Killed (Or Nearly Killed) People

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To a select group of folks, having a pet snake is a big part of life. A small, unfortunate portion of these reptile lovers become people who were killed by their pet snakes. Pet snakes that turned on their owners usually did so for a good reason; they were underfed, mishandled, or kept in a less-than-secure container. Others turned on their owners for pettier reasons, like not wanting to be given medication.

If you were on the fence about making yourself a proud owner of vicious pet snakes, maybe you should reconsider. Snakes are wild animals, and if they get loose, anyone in their path - not just their owners - are in potential danger.  

  • A Python Escaped Its Enclosure And Killed Two Young Boys

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    In November 2016, an apartment above a reptile store became a murder scene after an African Rock Python escaped through a vent and killed two young boys, ages 5 and 7, in Canada. The store's owner, Jean-Claude Savoie, was charged with criminal negligence after the boys' autopsies showed puncture wounds and snake bites on the boys' faces and evidence of strangulation. The python in question was Savoie's own pet, and the parents of the dead boys had noticed a missing vent cover in its enclosure weeks before. Savoie's own son, who was sleeping in another room, was completely unharmed.

  • A Woman Tried To Give Her Pet Python Medicine, So He Killed Her

    Photo: Anderson Mancini / flickr / CC-BY 2.0

    Diablo the snake lived up to his name when he killed his owner, 25-year-old Amanda Black, in October 2008. Black was trying to give Diablo medicine by herself when the snake decided he was not a fan.

    Black's husband found his wife's strangled body on the floor next to Diablo's empty container. Animal control was able to recapture Diablo, who had wedged himself between the wall and the container.

    "The snake did not like being given the medication, nor did he like the medication," Black's husband kept repeating to animal control. Seems like an understatement. 

  • This Professional Snake Handler Was Killed By His 25-Foot-Long Python

    In September 2017, Dan Brandon, an experienced snake handler, was found dead next to his pet python, Monty. Medical officials were able to determine that Brandon died of asphyxia; it is believed the 25-foot python wrapped itself around Brandon and crushed him to death.

    Authorities have not closed this case, although given the way Brandon died and the horrifyingly large snake next to his dead body, it is safe to assume his python had something to do with his death.

  • This Man Had 15 Snakes, But It Only Took One Of Them To Kill Him

    Photo: liangjinjian / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    Patrick von Allman, a 23-year-old from Southern Indiana, owned 15 snakes. In September 2006, his 14-foot, 100-lb python killed him. The Reticulated python wrapped itself around von Allman's shoulders and neck, effectively crushing him to death. Von Allman had gone to the shed to give the python treatment for "mouth rot," an inflammation of the mouth. Three hours later, his family discovered him dead.