Spooky Astronomy Photos That Might Make You Scared To Check Your Star Chart

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In space, no one can hear you scream, even at these spooky space photos. If you think a Xenomorph engulfing your face sounds scary, imagine being engulfed by the empty darkness of outer space. Creepy outer space pictures show more than just planets with rings and spots on them; some planets sport faces, cryptoids, and little alien anthills across their sordid surfaces. Astronauts see all sorts of weird things in space, and many times they, the experts, cannot explain them at all.

While Earth may suffer from arachnids and clowns, the empty vacuum of the universe features black holes, gamma rays, and countless other unexplained phenomena even NASA cannot explain. Scary astronomy photos can make the most dedicated psychic a little uneasy about checking their horoscope that day. Even looking up at the sky becomes unsettling after seeing scary photos of outer space. Earth is definitely not alone in this universe, but no one knows anything about who or what happens to be out there.