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The succubus, a female sexual demon, is a paranormal entity with a history that dates back thousands of years. Every culture seems to possess a succubus myth. Succubi approach men in a variety of ways, usually while they are sleeping, then seduce them. Often men report that their experiences with succubi are positive and enjoyable, but just as often, they report that the pleasure had a thread of something evil running through it. According to succubus legends, sometimes these men come to bad ends after associating with demonic seductresses.

True stories about real-life succubi experiences have become much more common in recent years. There are numerous posts on Reddit and other websites detailing both erotic and frightening encounters with a real succubus. These posts have become so common that it is well worth the effort to explore the historical background of the succubus, as well as learn about succubus experiences in the present day.

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A Succubus Gave Her Victim Pleasure, Then Stole His Soul
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Some experts argue that what humans perceive as an experience with a sexual demon is actually part of sleep paralysis. The inability to move and the sensation of being touched often go hand in hand. However, more and more people are claiming that their experiences with succubi and/or incubi are real.

One man writing about his experience even mentions a feeling of paralysis all over his body. He attributes it to the succubus that was hovering over him. She began kissing and fondling him. He wrote that, while he definitely enjoyed what she was doing, he remained terrified. He was completely in her grip and could not move. Their sexual encounter continued, and he became rapt with ecstasies he'd never imagined.

When it was over, she continued to hover over him, smiling. She asked him if he knew what succubi do and what they are for. Before he could reply, her face turned demonic red and her beautiful teeth became fangs. She laughingly told him that succubi take the souls of their victims and that he would be dead within three days. Then she disappeared. Apparently the man survived at least long enough to write of his encounter and post it online.

A Succubus Seduced A Man While His Wife Slept Beside Him
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Succubi don't care who they hurt or who sees them doing their "work." A case in point: a young woman named Veronica and her husband had a strange and violent encounter with a succubus that invaded their bedroom. The two were fast asleep one night when Veronica suddenly awakened and saw her husband being raped by beautiful blonde woman with strange, shining eyes and pale skin. It had to be rape, she claimed, because her husband was "just lying there, like nothing was happening."

The succubus saw Veronica watching, snarled, reached over and slapped Veronica in the face, so hard that the impact tossed her from the bed. Once she stood up and looked around, the "woman" had left. She then woke up her husband, who had no memory of what had just taken place. But there was evidence that something strange had happened. Veronica had a busted lip and was bleeding from where the succubus had scratched her. A small piece of what looked like a medallion was embedded in her husband's skin.

The couple called the police, but they didn't believe their story. It took three weeks for Veronica's injuries to heal.

A Shepherd Was Entranced By A Succubus In Milkmaid Disguise
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A purportedly true 16th-century succubus encounter was recorded by author Nicholas Remy. Apparently, a shepherd was hauled into court, tried, and convicted of witchcraft. When asked how he came to associate with witches, the young man claimed that some time before, he had been seduced by a succubus and she had most thoroughly corrupted him.

The shepherd went on to say that at some time after his first encounter with a succubus, he fell in love with a milkmaid. He felt so tenderly toward her, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Her rejection sent him into despair, and his thoughts turned towards the sexual. Essentially, he was horny and could not obtain the object of his desire. One day he thought he saw his beloved milkmaid hiding behind a shrub. He was by her side in an instant, and began roughly kissing and fondling her. Frightened, she pushed him away, then suddenly became extremely receptive to his advances. Encouraged, the shepherd continued, and the "milkmaid" made him promise to "acknowledged her as his Mistress, and behaved to her as though she were God Himself."

And this is what led to his downfall and eventual conviction of witchcraft.