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Facts About Succubi, The Alluring And Misunderstood Demon Women

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The succubus, a sensual female demon, is a paranormal entity with a history that dates back thousands of years. Every culture seems to possess a succubus myth. Succubi approach men in a variety of ways, usually while they are sleeping, then seduce them. Often men report that their experiences with succubi are positive and enjoyable, but just as often, they report that the pleasure had a thread of something evil running through it. According to succubus legends, sometimes these men come to bad ends after associating with demonic seductresses.

Stories about allegedly real-life succubi experiences have become much more common in recent years. There are numerous posts on Reddit and other websites detailing both pleasurable and frightening encounters with a succubus. These posts have become so common that it is well worth the effort to explore the historical background of the succubus, as well as learn about succubus experiences in the present day.

  • Photo: Unknown / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    In One Ancient Story, A Succubus Makes A Pope Prosperous 

    A medieval chronicler recorded a story concerning a young man who became involved with a succubus, and who later became Pope Sylvester II. According to the story, when this pope was a young student, he was called Gerbert of Aurillac. He fell in love with the beautiful daughter of a university dean. She considered him too far beneath her social station and rejected him.

    Filled with passion and angst for the woman who turned him down, Gerbert became obsessed with lewd thoughts. It was then that he met a strange but beautiful young woman who seemed to appear out of nowhere. Her name was Meridiana, and she was quite keen to offer him all sorts of intimacy, esoteric knowledge, and even promised to make him rich. All of these stunning offers held one condition: he must remain faithful to her alone.

    Gerbert readily complied. He was steadfast to Meridiana, and as their relationship continued, his prospects increased very quickly. In no time he was appointed archbishop of Rheims, a position far above that of the snobby university dean's daughter. Eventually he even became pope.

    It is generally well known that Catholic clergy were charged with maintaining chastity, so Gerbert would have had to keep Meridiana a closely guarded secret. And she apparently maintained her loyalty as well, encouraging and creating his successes, and even once forgave him for cheating on her.

    As the story goes, however, she did not fully forgive him because she later made the prediction that he would perish on a pilgrimage to Jerusalem while he was celebrating mass. Gerbert was terrified and immediately arranged a public confession of his lifetime of sensual sins. Had he not confessed and repented, he believed he surely would have perished and gone straight to hell. While he immediately canceled his planned trip to Jerusalem, he later passed in Rome, where it is said his tomb now appears covered in sweat just before the demise of a pope.

  • One Man Said He Was Visited By A Succubus While He Was In An Exhausted State

    According to an alleged story from a young man named Ethan, a succubus visited him while he slept. The story says, Ethan arrived home late one evening in December 2012, the Bakersfield, California, and was beyond exhausted. He had spent a very long day studying and listening to lectures at school. He collapsed into bed, desiring sleep over all else. And yet he slept fitfully, with thoughts of dread and worry that someone or something was breaking into his home and approaching his bedroom door. Suddenly, whatever it was broke through his door, startling him from sleep.

    The entity allegedly flew to the wall behind Ethan's bed and held his limbs down firmly. His ears began to vibrate, even to the point of pain. The young man cried out for help, cursing whatever was restraining him. But the entity only laughed at him in a frightening voice. Suddenly, the entity (which later Ethan determined to have been a succubus) cried out, "Soon!" and let go of the terrified young man. Heart pounding, Ethan dashed to turn on the lights, but nothing appeared amiss. The story reports that only his dogs seemed to understand what had happened as they barked and scratched at the door.

    Ethan then wandered into the bathroom to have a look in the mirror and was apparently shocked to see that his eyes were bloodshot and red.

  • Photo: Francisco de Zurbaran / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    One Man Allegedly Encounter A Succubus In A Monastery 

    Over the centuries, some believed that a life of prayer and religious devotion provided protection from all evil spirits, including succubi. Such piety rarely seemed to help - in fact, in some cases, succubi appeared to be especially attracted to the devout.

    The 19th-century French author J.K. Huysmans alleged that became the target of a succubus while he was sleeping in a monastery. Huysman said he was actually on a pilgrimage of sorts. He spent years of his life engaged in an exploration of the paranormal, and now his pilgrimage was intended to help him return to the Christian faith of his childhood. While his intentions were earnest, perhaps he was still subconsciously attracting the wrong sort of spiritual attention.

    According to the story, while he slept in the monastic cell, he awoke suddenly and just glimpsed a succubus as she was vanishing. He was convinced it was no dream, since the bed he slept in held evidence the creature had been there. There was a belief at the time that such incidents took place when incubi (male demons) sought to impregnate their female targets.

  • One Man Allegedly Summoned A Succubus Into His Own Home

    Some men are not only willing marks of a succubus, they actually research, plan, and summon the female demons.

    An anonymous online poster claims he prayed to Lilith to send a succubus to him. And soon, that is what happened. He describes her as slender, tall, with fair skin and flaming, long red hair. He called her Aleera, and she stayed with the man for a number of days and nights.

    But after a while, an evil presence also entered the man's life, pushing Aleera out. How he interacted with her changed as well. Sometimes he could only see her in his head, or hear her in his mind. Other times he would be out and about in public and suddenly she would appear to him. He speculated that perhaps that sort of activity was under the control of the more malevolent force.