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Fear The Dybbuk: 13 Details About The Soul-Sucking Demon From Jewish Folklore

Dybbuk myths come from Jewish folklore, where they are believed to be spirits of the dead who can take possession of a living human. Some members of the Jewish faith believe a dybbuk was once a living being, but now they are basically a ghost in limbo. In modern times, however, scary stories about dybbuks are usually presented as akin to demonic possession.

The word dybbuk translates to "cling" or "attachment" in Hebrew, so technically, dybbuk can refer to any otherworldly entity that latches onto a human, whether it be of a demonic nature or something that was once alive. In many dybbuk stories, the restless spirit attaches itself to a human host because it has unfinished business here on earth.

Jewish ghost stories and scary Jewish legends warn listeners about what leaves a person susceptible to evil. These beliefs can be traced back to ancient religious texts. Even the Bible makes mention of spirit possession and of Jesus performing exorcisms.

Since a dybbuk was once human, a rabbi may attempt to communicate with it, find out what it wants, and convince it to leave. The dybbuk can choose to remove itself at anytime, or its victim may be able to drive it away with a religious ceremony.

Study these scary Jewish myths and stories of the dybbuk to make sure you don't make yourself vulnerable to these otherworldly spirits.

  • The Dybbuk Box May Have Cursed Post Malone

    Video: YouTube

    Over the summer of 2018, rapper Post Malone suffered a string of seriously bad luck. His private jet almost crashed in August, and in September, another driver t-boned his Rolls Royce and he was the target of an unsuccessful armed robberyGhost Adventures star Zak Bagans thinks he knows why the rapper feels so cursed, and it involves the Dybbuk box. 

    In June 2018, Post Malone visited Bagans at his Haunted Museum in Las Vegas. The rapper had an eerie encounter with the Dybbuk Box, allegedly the world's most haunted object. After having a couple beers, Bagans showed Post Malone the box without the protective case. Bagans touched the box, and then Post Malone grabbed Bagans's shoulder and let out a scream. Bagans suspects this is how the dybbuk attached itself to him. 

  • Dybbuks Can Possess Lapsed Jews And Non-Believers

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    Getting lazy with religious practices or doubting the tenets of Judaism are apparently ways to leave yourself open to dybbuks. There is a myth that those who are doubtful about Moses crossing the Red Sea are opening themselves to dybbuk possession.

    And if you have sloppily-made mezuzah, you may as well throw down a dybbuk welcome mat.  

  • Dybbuks Use Humans As Vessels For Their Unfinished Business

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    In Kabbalistic tradition, a restless soul can become a dybbuk and latch onto a living person to settle its unfinished business. Some myths say dybbuks escaped from Gehenna (roughly equivalent to Jewish purgatory or hell), while others say dybbuks were flat-out rejected from entering Gehenna for committing serious offenses like suicide.

  • They Can Latch On To Objects As Well As People

    Kevin Mannis purchased an old wine cabinet from an estate sale back in 2003 and was plagued with paranormal activity since he brought it home. According to Mannis, it had belonged to a Holocaust survivor named Havela. When Mannis later offered to give the box back to Havela’s family, her granddaughter refused it and said it had been kept sealed up because a dybbuk lived inside it

    Of course, Mannis had already opened it. Inside he found two 1920s pennies, a bound lock of blonde hair, a bound lock of dark hair, a small statue engraved with the word "Shalom," a golden wine goblet, a dried rose bud, and a candle holder. 

    He suffered vivid nightmares after opening the box and decided to gift the cursed object to his own mother, who suffered a stroke right after receiving it. Mannis put the dybbuk box up for auction on eBay and since then it's made the rounds - and made quite the reputation for itself.