Graveyard Shift

People Who Live In Remote Places Describe The Creepiest Things They’ve Experienced In The Wilderness

People who live in remote areas know that sometimes too much quiet can make your mind race. However, some experiences stick with people long after they occur because of the degree of creepiness. On Reddit, plenty of people who live in rural areas share their scary stories for the rest of us to freak out over.

We know that often strange people linger around woods, parks, and other desolate areas. And we have all heard plenty of the kind of creepy stories that backpackers experience. However, the stories listed below are more than a little unpleasant to read because the people who suffered them weren't just out and about anywhere - they were at their homes.

Imagine living in the woods, and looking up from your bathtub to see a face looking back at you. Or imagine finding someone in your home wearing a pillowcase over their face. The terrifying real-life stories below are the stuff of nightmares.